🚵 Shopify Dropshipper's Daily Routine! 🚵

🚵 Shopify Dropshipper's Daily Routine! 🚵


🚵 Shopify Dropshipper’s Daily Routine! 🚵

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  1. As a beginner (shop making 10 sales a day) I don´t know what to do in the free time of working. I set up ads and watch videos. Maybe I do some paper stuff cause of taxes or paypalproblems or things like this.. But after setting up the Ads, I don´t know what to do. I need to wait for the results.

    I just watch like all FB Ads videos or courses on the internet 😀

    What do you recommend?

  2. Where did you get your VA´s from and set the whole thing up?

  3. Hi Andy, thanks for your content.
    Do you thinks there is a preferred time zone to work in if you target Aus, the Americas and Europe or doesn't it matter?

  4. Are you using VA's to help with video ad creation? It would barely take me 20 mins to upload and write a product description in 20 minutes, don't know how you could upload full process in that time

  5. Hi Andy How many VAs you have what type of jobs you assigned to them how you mangage them Iam spying on you ):

  6. Yea how do you upload 5-6 products in 60-90 mins?! Thats insanely fast

  7. Thank you for all the great content, do you have suggestions for a newbie? I set up a Shopify store, still in the free look period with 8 days left, and I’m doing the $29 plan to start.
    I’ve picked a niche, and now have a few products listed, with about 120 products in Oberlo that need to have descriptions written etc.
    I haven’t done any ads yet, what do you suggest next?
    Thanks again for your content.

  8. do you track stuff on excel or google spreadsheets for example revenue, cost of goods, ad costs? any possible video on this topic on measuring progress tracking things using excel or spreadsheets? thanks andy

  9. How do you upload a product in 20 min??? Takes me like 4 hours to make the video, description, and page post. Do your VA’s do your videos and descriptions?

  10. Do u do your product research yourself? Can you do like a vid where you sit down and do your product research.

  11. Can’t wait to get your course!

  12. It's a game changer once you get to 8-12 hours/day of work. I can literally track my goal breakthroughs to the times that I grinded 8-12 hours. Almost at 1K subs man! Excited for you!

  13. Great content as always just wanted to chip in if your looking to learn more about launch webinars then experts secrets by Russell Brunson is the book you need to read

  14. Solid video Andy! I’ve been excited for this one!

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