$0 – $1 Million Shopify Challenge ( Drop Shipping 2019)

$0 – $1 Million Shopify Challenge ( Drop Shipping 2019)


I started a Challenge Scaling a Brand new Store, Pixel, ad account, etc to $1 Million in Sales. I heard so many people talking about seasoning the pixel and I can’t disagree more. What I learned from having 21 ad accounts and spending tons of money on Facebook ads, is Your video ad and your product are the most important things when it comes to finding a winning product for your Drop Shipping business! I do believe anyone can start a dropshipping business and scale it with the right guidance! So yeah in this video I’m showing you the back end of everything I do in my business and how I usually scale my stores! Enjoy!

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🔥$0 – $1 Million Shopify Challenge ( Drop Shipping 2019) ➡️ https://youtu.be/6qe8kfkMBz8

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  1. I really need some help I've really spent over $200 for classes and ads that didn't work at all and trying not to give up because of hearing bunches of your success stories and need to know what am I doing wrong and coming to you for help

  2. I'm shocked you didn't mention instagram marketing

  3. Lets collab on pinterest im creating collabs with great shopify owners already u down?

  4. for the product have used videos or just pictures
    if videos are they made for the products or just edited from previous videos of the product

  5. Awesome video keep it up …. On adding value on this video here is the video of the $35 product that made me $1000,000 let's Go https://my35dollarbusiness.com/index.php?user=carlson

  6. How can you test so many products at the same time? Do you use custom video ads for every one of them?

  7. Omg yasss girl! You better work 🤑

  8. Same stuff just as any other dropshipper does.

  9. Holy! What a challenge, wow! excited to see what is going to happen! hope you do it! that would be inspiring..

  10. HOW MAny adset you make when testing ? How do you scale ? I think you should show us the next seven days of testing and how you scaled

  11. Amazong stuff! How do i find these 20 products to test?

  12. I love watching your videos! This scaling challenge is inspiring 🔥

  13. Lol Not to take away from your business acumen and professionalism, but you look so cute with your braids 🙂
    You seem like a very respectable individual.
    I wish you continued success.

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