[1/5] Taking A New Shopify Store From $0 To $5,000 | Chris Record Vlogs 71

[1/5] Taking A New Shopify Store From $0 To $5,000 | Chris Record Vlogs 71


In this 5-day vlog series I’ll be showing you how to set up your own shopify store and make up to $5,000 or more. Today I give a general overview plus training links below. SUBSCRIBE for more free training at http://chrisrecord.tv

SHOPIFY TRAINING: https://youtu.be/u0MX5OYpMJc
SHOPIFY GROUP: http://facebook.com/groups/tecademics
SHOPIFY VIDEOS: http://ecomtutor.com
SHOPIFY NOTES: http://bit.ly/shopifynotespdf


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  4. Chris wuddup glad i subed. Learning alot. Hey u need music heres my site…ok bro bro keep it up luvin this dropshipping thang…ok here's my website..https://nitenursbeatz.com

  5. Mobileshoppingchannel dot com
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  6. Hey guys if you want FREE one on one Shopify training Message me on Instagram @tayelotto I’m doing multiple 6 figures A month

  7. so WHY would anyone buy from shopify when you will be paying way more

  8. Yeah Chris. I tell ya man I'm still trying to figure out all of this after you make a sale and how you have't do something. It sounds like alot of work and I don't know what all I need to do but i'm learning it. How everything is done sounds like alot of work to do.

  9. Ugh. Got a headache two minutes into this video and had to stop. Why do these guys feel they have to get all up into your face? It's obnoxious. Was hoping for some honest info but I'm not seeing it.

  10. Omg Chris, thank you so much for this video. I am so happy to have come across your page.

  11. I live in Cambodai. Can I make money from Shopify ??

  12. Awesome. Great video and info. I appreciate it. Need to start my own online buisness asap. I want to be so profitable I dont have to work my regular 9 to 5 anymore. I need and want my freedom back. This year is my year. 👏👍❤🛩✈

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  16. How to apply affiliate to alliexpress?

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  18. hi…i am from philippines and I want to have a shopify store.Am i required to have a bank account for orders and payments on my store?pls somebody answer this question of mine.Thanks a lot!

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