#1 Product Research Method For Shopify Dropshipping — 2018 Quarter 4 (Q4)

#1 Product Research Method For Shopify Dropshipping — 2018 Quarter 4 (Q4)




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  1. Codes are also in the description. Thanks for subscribing!

  2. Brother Ebenezer thank you so for all your videos, now i heard you say that your FB account got banned and you got another one, HOW did you get another one. Mine got banned at the beginning of this quarter and I have been so depressed, I just started looking for alternatives as i write. Please advise me. Thanks alot.

  3. Hey, I'm with Spocket.co, a Shopify dropshipping app, we love your content. I sent you an email about collaborating 🙂

  4. bro what do you think about smart campaigns ? have you used them. do you recommend them, apparently we have to turn off all other current running campaigns, is it worth ti to try?

  5. Thanks for sharing! It's also important to have a very reliable supplier when testing products, so you can try CJ

  6. Just found your youtube and I can say that you provide a lot of value bombs to the people!

    Keep the hard work going and looking forward to your future videos.

  7. Hey ebe, when it comes to low ticket stores and campaigns would terms like walmart and amazon be used as negative keywords? Do terms like these convert on low ticket products?

  8. Gr8 vid man but can you tell me why these days my ad show me reach less than 50 even my budget is$5

  9. Question: Could or would you create a video on how to make product video if there are none available or if there is one, how could we use it, if at all. Videos sale and it would be a great tool for all of use. thanks

  10. Learned alot. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Very good information on this one. Hats off to you.

  12. Can you do more print on demand videos ?. I think you only have one on your channel

  13. Recently subscribed, appreciate the valuable info. I'm still new so this might sound like a stupid question but what did you mean at 11:05 "instead of one Google shopping campaign, test all products at once"?

  14. Gift card codes are invalid 🙁

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