$100k A Year Dropshipping Plan | Shopify Dropshipping 2018

$100k A Year Dropshipping Plan | Shopify Dropshipping 2018


This is your step by step guide to making $100k in 2018. This is your year. Take control, and follow your dreams.

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  1. Its taking me a lot longer than a week to set up my site. It does not take long to import items to the store but it takes a log time to set them up and write good descriptions and make the site look professional. I really appreciate your videos because they are confirming the things that I'm doing. Its taking me a long time so from time to time I start to get discouraged but watching your videos rejuvenates my determination. I work 65 plus hours a week so in my limited spare time I work on the store. Thank you for helping me stay motivated!

  2. Where do I view peoples stores?

  3. But if you’re doing more than 1 influencer and you’re splitting 50/50 than are you really making any money?

  4. what kind of FB AD… to the LLA?? Conversion. ATC…View content >What do you run after you got the IG data on pixel. Thanks man

  5. Thank you for all the great info , I got a question, what if you have a general store, would you then pick a category from your store such as gardening and find influencers in that niche and do the same for all the categories you have? Thank you

  6. There is so much value in this video. Thank you so much for sharing! Subscribed 🙂

  7. There is a type with that message over the laptop :p

  8. Nice video. But how can I deal with the long shipping time on drotshipping platforms like aliexpress etc.

  9. You, sir, are a Genius! Quality video! Great Info!

  10. When someone buys from your website and they use a coupon code does it say that they used a coupon code?

  11. Thank you Sam! Great info! do you use a template for contacting influencers?

  12. If I buy your course will I be able to work one on one with you to make sure I succeed

  13. Great video..Thanks for the information very helpful!!

  14. If this isn't golden content, I don't know what is. Thanks, man!

  15. Amazing value on this channel

    Just found this channel

    Good job Sam

    My new favorite Shopify channel

    I hope you continue to bring value and I do not doubt you will

    Very grateful

    I'm glad I found this channel while it is so young
    I almost didn't click the video which popped up and almost went in another direction

    I'd like to speak with you sometime as well

  16. Your course is awesome, to the point. gained more value than some $300+ courses

  17. sam , how about insta influencer ? really i have 100 product and the product that i advertise is only 1 product and then for what the other 99 product sam ?

  18. I purchased your course, I look forward to playing the game.

  19. This video is very helpful, I am probably going to get your course because you seem very down to earth and not a cash grab type of guy 🙂

  20. you are an actual legend….thank you

  21. How many stores do you have? Love the content man!

  22. that fake giveaway tho

  23. There are many people on Instagram that have fake followers.

  24. Hey sam, how will this net neutrality affect dropshipping??

  25. What do you think is a obtainable goal for a beginner during 2018 in profits (not revenue)? and do you recommen niche, general or general niche?

  26. This is more than gold

  27. are you really making that much money,if yes how much did you lost before being profitable

  28. 100+ products , wheeew. It’s like you’re my mom telling me i need to do more homework

  29. Just discovered your channel… Hopefully I can learn

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