$100K+ Monthly/Yearly On Shopify Using These Simple Tips 2018

$100K+ Monthly/Yearly On Shopify Using These Simple Tips 2018


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You’ll be surprise how the most simplest tweaks can take your store to a whole new level. If you’re trying to take your store to $100k+ Monthly/Yearly there’s somethings that you just HAVE to put in your store in order to have a long run successful business. If you know me by know, I keep things as real as I can, I dont give out any fake information that doesn’t make sense, and I try my Best to let you know EXACTLY how I’m running my Store. I’m here to help as much as I Can. So please, if there’s some stuff you would want me to go over let me know!

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Awesome Golden stuff man
    I'm requesting if I can get some coaching from you.
    Please do let me know

  2. thankyou very helpful info!

  3. Reviews tip is just insane. That is one of the best tips I've ever heard! Thanks bro

  4. So awesome !! Great video !! You have got me tuned in to you now for sure….

  5. Soo many gems in this video Chris Thanks Alot!

  6. One of the best videos on Shopify I have seen.

  7. Or just import AliExpress reviews with Ali Reviews or something like that on Shopify apps

  8. Thanks! U gave me a lot of good ideas. I already had the spin wheel on my site. Glad to know it works well. Now I just gotta get people over to my store.

  9. Thanks a lot Chris. It was Great and very Helpful.

  10. This just fire tips man you're the realist Chris 🔥💯

  11. It's a criminal offence in the UK to do fake reviews. Doing that could result in prison. Be careful.

  12. Hey Chris How you setup Pixel for tracking conversions?

  13. Download Ali reviews. It's a lot easier for reviews

  14. Whats up Chris? Quick question, do you recommend the product timers?

  15. Hi Chris I greatly admire your work, the tips you give only they are worth millions let alone the full coaching, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all this with us, Thank you , keep up the good work bro

  16. Great video dude. So, for someone who just begin and star testing product, the store could not be a niche specific store, cause you are testing products, right? After you find the right product what do you do? create another specific store o keep selling the winner product in the generic store?

  17. Hi Chris.Thanks very much for deciding to make helping newbies a part of your time and business. I've really enjoyed your videos and of course, I subscribed. I tried sending a request for your help on setting my shopify store up. I've put so much effort into my titles and selection. I know in the future I will have more stores, hopefully my own brand once I know what to do later. My problem right now is I am not making sales, like many..I have paid 90 bucks in ads at 17 cents a click. I've switched up audiences. I am already on my third shopify store called VibeLeap.com, and although it's not horrible I would like it to be professional and profitable. I don't know how to send you a message on youtube other than here…so if you can contact me please.

  18. Thanks Chris! Tech question; are you using that microphone on those earbuds as your recording mic? It sounds good! What kind is it? I need to get one to make some videos.

  19. guys GOLDEN nugget on this video, is 11:03 . open your ears on that one!

  20. Chris, I love you man.. been watching you since the beginning .. dont worry about posting everyday.. quality over quantity

  21. Thanks Chris…you really give value!!!

  22. great video very helpful!

  23. i Just booked coaching, this is my second coaching with Chris. Down to earth and POWERFUL INFO!! william from LA!

  24. Great video bro but what do you suggest best for a newbie because those app are really expensive for a beginner not including the monthly subscription for Shopify. Basically what are the top 5 free ones a newbie should have in their store?

  25. YO KEDER >>> Prodigy! KEEP IT UP

  26. Great video. Very interesting

  27. Nice work and thanks for keeping it real and valuable. Do you have an email or something you can be reached at to ask questions about your coaching program?

  28. Holy shit where can I get the coaching👊🔥you dropping bomb in this video man
    See you in Orlando bro 👊

  29. Woww great info but all of these app more than double the monthly fee. Which one do you suggest for a newbie who on limited funds

  30. Chris Shout you an email. Check your email plz. or hit me back on facebook.

  31. Hey Chris, i want to invest into your facebook ads course but what exactly do you reveal inside, is it just how to set up ads or do you go in details with a program on how you test audience, how many audience you test, how many product you launch etc …

  32. Gold man, I was like damn my man knows what he's talking about!!!!!!!

  33. Thanks for sharing Chris, you are on the right track, grit is the key and trial and errors are indeed an underestimated teacher!!

  34. Thanks for the tips. I really respect people who love to help others. I'll be watching all you video's bro!

  35. Hello How do I get one on one couching with you?

  36. Loox photo reviews is so powerful

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