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In this channel I won’t only be posting about how to succeed in dropshipping but also on multiple income monsters such as affiliate marketing, social media marketing and i’ll be showing the online entrepreneur lifestyle, creating a unique channel that shows the viewers what could be achieved with online businesses.

*Disclaimer* I am not in any way a certified financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be one. Any information or advice I give you on any social media platform is simply my opinion based my own own experience and research. There is no guarantee on anything due to the fact that there are many variables that play a factor in your success. Do your own research, do the work and take everything as an opinion.


  1. What was the theme that you came to know is converting really well?

  2. Anyone struggling with stripe because you dont live in us ? http://bit.ly/2fURtgx

  3. id love if you could make a video on how to set up shipping information and taxes

  4. Thanks for the amazing videos! Really appreciated! Can you make a video showing you make a post and the ad copy?

  5. I need your help man. I keep sending Instagram influencers messages and I get no replies. I need to sell my products and Facebook isn't working for me so I'm trying Instagram. And have sent accounts messages and I haven't gotten any replies.

  6. the facebook group link is expired

  7. Cant join the Facebook group from Europe @sebas – content no available warning

  8. Can someone please tell me after I negotiate with the influencer and he agrees what should I do, do I have to send him a poster or? Please tell me what is the next step after I pay through paypal Thank you

  9. Yo Sebas, can you make a video on switching themes. I thought about it a while back but wasn't sure about how to transfer all the info and products while saving my old theme. It may be as simple as exporting the theme file and recustomizing the new theme. What's your method?

  10. I have like $10,000 saved up for business and im thinking of buying a good store with good products to buy on shopify exchange. So i can focus on getting traffic is it a good idea?

  11. It would be awesome if you could do a short video about cryptocurrency.

  12. Hey great content bro! Question- do you do f+s for influencer marketing? What are you thoughts?

  13. Is it profitable to accept PayPal payments only? I can't accept credit cards 🙁

  14. Keep doing what you do bro also could you make a video on improving conversion rate

  15. why did you ignore my previous question?

  16. that theme has to be brooklyn lol

  17. Dude i dm u on instgram

  18. One question, what does a look a like audience mean?

  19. Two questions.

    1. What's the name of the intro song?

    2. Can you make a video outlining your standards for paying influencers? For example if they have 50k – 100k followers what would you pay, 100k – 500k what you would pay. I know followers aren't everything. But just so we get some sort of idea. I've been getting random ass prices. I feel like a lot of them over value themselves because there are thousands of pages on Instagram and and some people with less than 200k are asking like $200 for 24 hours.

  20. Hey man you are great i started 3 days ago yesterday spend 30$ on influence marketing got 95 clicks on my store but didn't made a single sale i came to know my product was not good i changed the product now today i paid 10$ to different Instagram influencer now i will wait for results bro sorry my English not good . my ultimate goal is 1000$/day i will make it no matter what happen i will never give up thanks and keep uploading 🙂

  21. can you do a video with all the useful apps to use when building your website??

  22. Sebas how much should i pay to a influencer? I have this one 200$ per post, he has 700k followers and 40k likes and thousands of comments! Is that okay 200$?

  23. Do you have general stores or a niche store?

  24. you dont get 10k people like you just lie others and they believe this shit, is easy no one show numbers, stop lies… it make no sense are like idiots

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