$1k/Day Course | Shopify Dropshipping 2019 (Beginner to Advanced)

$1k/Day Course | Shopify Dropshipping 2019 (Beginner to Advanced)


In this video I cover a step by step Shopify Dropshipping tutorial precedent to get your dropshipping to store to $1k a day encompassing everything you need to know along the way.

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This is a tutorial for all levels. When you are finished watching this video you will have the knowledge to test winning products with the ability to make 1k a day and beyond. This is a precedent I use that is proven to provide these results in 2019. All you have to do is to invest the time and effort to test products to make it happen.🔥


1. 2019 precedent to find your Winning Product with current examples that are making 1k+ a day.

This is the most important part of the process when it comes to Shopify dropshipping in 2019, I cover all aspects as to how to find a winning product and also what a current winning product looks like as of February 2019. Feel free to test the products that I have given you. However if you want to take your results to the next level take time to find products you think that fit the criteria I discuss.

Make sure when you are testing products using the Shopify dropshipping on Facebook Ads that they are unique and solve a particular problem/pain point that the customer has.

Simple Facebook search for buyer intent keywords like “buy now” or “get yours here” is a simple technique to find winning products that are currently selling well as of February 2019.

2. Creating your Facebook Ad

In this part of the video I explain how to create your ad.

3. In this section I cover the Facebook Ad strategy to use in 2019 for Shopify Dropshipping.

Make sure to start off with 10 different adsets split on interest.

Test the big five countries as well as worldwide targeting.

Follow the steps in the video to be able to read your ads every day and to know whether or not to continue an adset or kill it.

I then discuss retargeting campaigns and lookalike audiences and how you can take your results to the next level with these methods now in 2019.

Follow the steps in this video in your own product research techniques to help you find winning products for you to test in your Shopify store.

If you have any questions about the process or about Shopify in general then please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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DISCLAIMER: The advice in this video does not guarantee results. These are the steps I would adopt and act as a guide to help you in your ecommerce journey.

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  1. Thanks for watching folks!

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  2. Hey man I stumbled across your channel and am really loving the content I've tried all sorts to make my shopify stores work and they never have wouldive some help off your self

  3. The most underrated Youtube guru out there, no selling a course, just pure solid information to help others

  4. 🔥 I have started this process and have tested the dog GPS and I have 5 sales already across five adsets. Amazing the value you bring in showing us winning products and in how to test, I am going to continue in this testing and see where I can take this! Feels so good!

  5. Bro if the pixel is new then the conversions are gonna work? And engaged shoppers means the customers are just clicking shop noe button and not buying! We are missing another pool of audience!

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