$2000 in 36 Hours on Shopify (NOT DROPSHIPPING)

$2000 in 36 Hours on Shopify (NOT DROPSHIPPING)


🐺 Shopify Course: https://wolvesecom.teachable.com/p/apex-ecommerce



  1. I spent more than 100$ but no sales!

  2. 4:54 Is that Tim Curry's demonic laugh

  3. Thank you man for this video!! How many followers did they influences have bro? Thanks again!!

  4. i dont think a conservative audience would buy a pink sweatshirt, but the white sweatshirt would probably work

  5. When i do print on demand at prinfull from holland and i sell sweaters etc do need to pay taxes in amerika ? Because its made there ?

  6. Amazing content! I'm a new subscriber and almost watched all your videos already 😀

  7. LMFAO "Well you're breaking my balls Gisele"

  8. I do like your videos and business ideas. HOWEVER, your maths don't seem to add up mate! £3000 in sales – Profit? doesn't sound like it. 10 conversions x 40USD each = 400usd – is that in a week? That would only be 200bucks profit if you are lucky enough to do 50% profit margins.

  9. Can you pay for printful and shopify with a debit card? Or do you just have to use a debit card?

  10. You are a real inspiration! Truly helpful!🔥

  11. hello i want to ask something , i talked with one company that helps and give advices about shopify store in my country(Turkey) , he said , i can't pay my cost with receiving money from customer because as he said, shopify hold the money like 10 day , so he said i need capital . much in this video you mentioned about paying cost with customer money , which one is correct , i am confused. in my country shopify payments are not supported so i need to use gateways

  12. I swear is it just me or doesn’t he look like Tyler Posey lol, ANYWAYSSSS thank you for all the amazing videos!!!! I’ve learned a lot and I’m currently working on my shopify website and now i’m really intrigued by Printful!!! Thank you 🙂

  13. you’re breaking my balls 😂 bro I fwu, I’m a night stock at Safeway right now but I’m gonna say fuck it and hop on this ASAP

  14. Thank you for sharing this ❤️❤️🔥🔥👌🏾👌🏾

  15. Would anyone advise doing print on demand through their local printshop?

  16. This seems way underutilized right now, especially since it's a free app right now! You need to make a course on this for your website!

  17. So do I make a general store that will have many different products and designs whenever I think of an idea? Example; my store will have Donald trump designs, Harley designs, cat designs, etc? Or would I have to make a website/store for each design & niche?

  18. Can you check out my store & give any suggestions?

  19. How do shoutout if your page doesn't have many followers? Not understanding but I want to!

  20. Do you need to make a Instagram for ever niche or is it good to just message from personal profile?

  21. 1:20 that customer 😂😂😂

  22. Guys I swear I just got free $5613_real money from this_amazing website>>>>freepplmoney.win/?lMBWEc Try once.

  23. do a start a pod site video plz. n love ur content bro.keep it up

  24. I'm digging your sound effects…the evil horse had me laughing 😃 I appreciate the info as well. Keep it up!

  25. But I'm broke. Not complaining, but I can't have them take 💰 from a bank with no cash. So I wanted to be able to make a wix site linking people straight to the pod. But I don't want them to go and start designing their own stuff or buying other people's things

  26. Aliexpress takes 3-6 weeks to ship, not good. People can buy most of the stuff on their own via Wish or Geek app.

  27. I made it 1k likes. What do I get

  28. Good vid dude. My next project! Have designs but no idea how to get them across. Never thought about creating a separate website with the brand instead of relying on the printing website. Seems so obvious now. Hahaha

  29. my ADD is kickingin hard, i want to watch all the videos at the same time. can't pick oneeeeee

  30. Damn i can't wait but starting sucks. name of store, niche, etc. Ideas and design are my thing. I thought about doing this for my own store back in the cafepress days but never did. Now linking it to influencers is the way to do it.

    It makes sense to have a nice store but couldn't you just link it to one product page? I can't wait to have the money coming in so i can focus solely on making more. Then have 3 stores. One will be funny weird stuff just to get it out of my head. My goal right now is 50K but the end of the year, and hopefully that bar will go up sooner!

    I think i'll have to buy your course. Big time saver.

  31. This whole "find a cheap influencer" thing sounds a lot easier than it is

  32. How do you pay someone for a shoutout???

  33. I want to start POD store , can you please suggest me which app I can use , so customers can upload thr design while ordering

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