$20,000 Profit in 17 Days Shopify Dropshipping *FREE TRAFFIC*

$20,000 Profit in 17 Days Shopify Dropshipping *FREE TRAFFIC*


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  1. You've taken my method to new levels bro. Beat my day of $500 in one day fo sho.

  2. Is this a one product store??

  3. Please post a more detailed video on this!!!!!

  4. Did you do this with brand new page?

  5. This method needs an Instagram page of atleast 20k Instagram page so that people can trust but the trick is great .

  6. Appreciate the video man, hope this is achievable for us as well, I dm with a quick question, hope you can get to it

  7. You sell blendjet I saw your 1 product store

  8. Is your store niche? General?
    How many followers you got?

  9. Thank you.
    Ps: it is not 50 dollars for 5 accounts.
    It seems that prices have raised these 2 last days:)

  10. Let’s hit $100k this month bro🔥🔥

  11. Bro do another challenge video. 0-500$ ?

  12. Would this work If I was to do it on a brand new page or get engagement and followers and then start?

  13. Surprising us as always!🔥

  14. This isn't true. You can't get 500 visitors in one day from an Instagram account. Even if you do with 2 or 3 Instagram accounts for the same store, it isn't possible. I have done it with jarvee which is similar, I can say from experience, those numbera shown in your dashboard isn't just from Instagram. You are are affiliated with follow liker. Bruh, I ain't hating but people look upto you man. Don't inject false expectations please, that's it

  15. Banger of a video, very useful and powerful knowledge right here

  16. 🔥🔥🔥🙏 content Cameron, thanks. cant wait to see how you did it

  17. Cam bro this video goes crazy 🔥🔥

  18. Great job bro! Really proud of you Fam!

  19. Does this only work for one product stores?

  20. If I can make 500 USD profit a month…. Am gonna be so happy

  21. I am a simple man. I see free traffic and I click. 👍

  22. Notification Gang🔥🔥🔥


  23. Trying to motivate myself back into the grind

  24. Shit I’ve been slipping

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