[2019] Low Budget Facebook Ad Strategy | Shopify Print On Demand Step By Step Beginner Tutorial

[2019] Low Budget Facebook Ad Strategy | Shopify Print On Demand Step By Step Beginner Tutorial


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  1. the "anti-guru" I LIKE IT!

  2. Thank God I found your channel and your Facebook community. I am new to POD and I find you’re the most realistic mentor I’ve seen. Thank you for all that you do!

  3. So if CTR not above 20% but CPE is perfect, do you still run as a WC ad?

  4. Do you edit placements on your $1 PPE test?

  5. Great video Joe – Super helpful.

  6. What country’s are you targeting with $1 ads

  7. thats awesome. Thanks for sharing. wouldnt have expected a $1 Strategy. Dollar Bill

  8. Do you the same add design for ppe and conversion?

  9. Awesome content Joe, Keep em coming! Dollar Bill

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