3 HUGE Beginner Dropshipping Mistakes I've Made (AVOID THESE) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

3 HUGE Beginner Dropshipping Mistakes I've Made (AVOID THESE) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019


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What’s going on guys!

Today I wanted to talk about the mindset shift that you have to go through in order to succeed with dropshipping. That may sound cliche, but honestly mindset is one of the biggest determining factors to your success, especially when it comes to paid advertising.

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My name is Arie Scherson and I am a young entrepreneur & digital marketer. Over the last three years I have built three 6 figure online businesses and I am continuously working to grow them. The first one was built while I was working a part time job as a server at a restaurant and juggling a full time college education! Trust me it was tough, but after finding consistent success I decided to quit my job and quit school, this lead me to having more free time to scale my businesses and also to create this YouTube channel :)!

I started this YouTube channel as a way to share my journey, and I continue to do that till this day. In this channel I cover things related to shopify dropshipping, Ecommerce, Facebook ads, entrepreneurship in general and even give you a glimpse into my personal life from time to time. I’d love to be a part of your ecommerce journey, and if you enjoy my videos please do subscribe.


  1. Might be dropping a CBO testing strategy this week 👀👀 Drop a like on this vid if you want me to release it!

    Remember to join my course wait-list (limited discounted spots): https://ecominnercircle.net/optin

  2. 1) Learn and Master how to run Ads
    2) DO NOT sell Trademarked products
    3) DO NOT stop running campaign ad sets after seeing success, test multiple new ad sets even after success. Stay Hungry.
    your welcome.

  3. Hi Arie.
    Thanks for your content. I have a question.
    I have an Amazon dropshipping business and want to invest in the Shopify store.
    But I haven't any bits of knowledge about Facebook ads or SMM marketing. Did you try to hire an SMM company that worked with your stores?

  4. great video! I'm a new dropshipper and this is gold!

  5. ❤️ Terra-Explore com has the Best Course

  6. Another Value Bomb 💣 Can’t wait to pick up your course from Terra-Explore, com

  7. ❤️ Terra-ExploreCom has LEAKED your course!

  8. Looking forward to the relaunch! 🔥

  9. yo arie are anime products considered trade marked products? since they come from japan and not US?

  10. 🙃 Arie nowadays the shipping time seems to be the No1 issue. I am planning to start with Oberlo and another app together eprolo i think…And I would like to know how to set up our stores about Usa – Europe and etc… Because we can have fast shipping but not with Oberlo but still is confusing to use many fulfillment apps.
    ↪️Arie how many days we can scale with a winning product approximately? New ads sets etc etc…

  11. Nice Video!
    I have a question about CBO
    For example if you start your CBO campaign with 10 ads and then you follow the 4k beginner strategy so you wait 3days and then you pick the profitable ads and create 3 new ads with a suggested interest of the profitable ad and you keep creating new ads. Do you do this in just one campaign and every time you set a new ad you higher the campgain level for example about 5$? And what is if you delete bad ads, do you lower the campgain level?

  12. Dope video brother really valuable💪

  13. I truly enjoy your creative intros! Giving me inspiration on my channel everyday man 🔥🔥

  14. hello, i have a question-
    In Aliexpress, some products have price range (US $1.85 – 2.39 / piece) what does it mean?

  15. Geeat video. Thanks! FB does not allow me to post links in the ad copy or in the call to action button. So i have no way of making peoplemreach my website. Anyone else faced the same?

  16. Its really usefull thanks

  17. Wasting money on adsets that’s are under performing !

  18. Arie btw what is the brand of your chair?

  19. Hi Aire, a CBO strategy would be great. How do you achieve the 50 conversions needed in the learning phase of a CBO Adset, and is it necessary. Great value as always, I've been watching your videos for ages and feel that I'm starting to get somewhere 🖒

  20. I'm stopping my traffic campaigns right now! Already Burned U$300 on that.
    It was good for testing ad creative, i guess…
    I've tested two videos for the same product and one of them performed a lot better than the other.
    Like one of them got 03 sec watch time and the other got 18 sec.
    So… Traffic campaigns are good for testing creative or is it not? The CPMs are a lot lower…

  21. Thanks for the quality Arie..
    Unfortunately all Payment providers stopped working for country. If anyone would like to team up I’d be happy to work together. I’m good with ad design and execution, product sourcing (3-4 day shipping) and customer experience
    WhatsApp: +256752018445
    Email: noelnuff1@gmail.com

  22. The man himself. Arie u do any consulting calls?

  23. Hello Arie, can you tell us when to kill an adset? For example I have an adset that it is doing very well. But for 3 days I don't get any sales. If I let this adset run for another 4 days I will be 0 profit because of BOP. Can you tell me when it is the best time to kill an adset to not lose all the profits from that specific profitable adset? Thanks! good luck!

  24. Arie, so helpful. Listen to others mistakes, so you do not make them!

  25. Time to take notes 📝📝📝😃

  26. Make a video on testing 10 products with 1 creative each VS 1 product with 10 creatives

  27. Horizontally bro, how to scale CBO campaigns horizontaly without increasing budget

  28. How how I can deliver products to all epacket countries within 1 week

  29. Arie how to scale CBO campaigns horizontaly

  30. Great Value and props for the Mac Miller outro (Y)

  31. Yes, we want CBO testing strategy.

  32. Arie keep it up! Allways following your advices ^^

  33. Thanks Arie, I am testing testing and testing, but not got even Break_Even_ROAS yet, i will not stop, until i my all savings gets exhausted, LOL

  34. Hello,
    would you go with WordPress + AliDropship or Shopify + Oberlo? Ok, obviously you go with Shopify. But is WordPress good aswell?

  35. How much money will I receive per day in my PayPal business account ?
    Is any limit are present?
    Or unlimited money I will received.

  36. I did the same thing a few years ago running traffic ads for my photography businesss. It got me excited but no conversion ! lol
    That looks like an electroneum phone! 😂 Can't wait for 2 day shipping info. I know i wont be using it for awhile with dropshipping. :-p
    Noob question. I know we're all suppose to be doing E-packets, but can you elaborate on the different types of shipping? I sometimes see "ship from the US" and then "china. Epackets is china only, but if we have the option for "USA" over epacket, is that something we should be doing instead? Thanks!

    Also: Why do videos work better? Is it because the movement makes people look when you're scrolling? I thought about doing slide shows or turn table for clothing products to grab ppl's attention. what do you think?

  37. Sir, I have a question –

    A customer who have not PayPal account , he payment me through his credit/debit card at my PayPal.

    But when this coustomer want to refund his money for any reason then how will I refund his money to his bank?
    Because he has not PayPal account. Then what will I do?
    How will I refund his money?

  38. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Arie💯💯. Can you do a click funnels video?

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