3 Signs You Wont Succeed With Shopify | eCom Dudes

3 Signs You Wont Succeed With Shopify | eCom Dudes


Make sure you check out or Search Engine to get all the latest ecommerce training and underground tips and tricks. eCom Dudes is here to help you on your journey with eCommerce. We are going to provide EVERYTHING we possibly can in regards to eCommerce and getting you profitable.


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  2. make a tutorial how to make a sucess fb advert campaign

  3. Please speak a bit slower next time 😀

  4. Thank you dude. That's all I can say

  5. Even Oberlo state that at over 50% of shopping stores fail
    The Market is saturated

  6. How do i change the color of my add to cart button?!??!!! Someone please help link me a video or something!! Thank you

  7. Great tips!!!  Quick question: are you wearing eye make up?

  8. The only thing holding me back is a laptop. Until then, I'm self educating in ever way that I can. Ty for your channel. I appreciate you. ❤

  9. More buyers on bing, compared to Google, joke of the century

  10. I like your statement on persistence. However, you also don't want to be investing into a garbage niche right? So just on average, how many ads would you say are needed before your first conversion?

  11. You're kinda yelling here …you don't really take into consideration anyone else who is outside the category of 18 – 30 year old dudes who are most likely living at their parents house. How about a full-time breastfeeding mum who lives in rural France. 10km to the nearest small town and no car. Very small budget, most cannot go into "testing" even though I still do it, my child's needs come first. The 30 dollars a month for just having a shopify account and not getting any returns is my "testing" budget, pretty much. And this is all done from scratch, alone, while BREASTFEEDING. Pretty fucking hard and discouraging when you've paid for traffic, getting up to 200 measly visits per day and 0 sales since opening. AND everybody out there "helping" ….are 99% trying to sell or upsell something. No one gives a damn about anyone outside of themselves. 1 in a billion people on this earth actually genuinely want to help others get on their feet and succeed. I fucking VOW to genuinely help my fellow human WHEN I succeed. And I don't mean handing out free advice, or sometimes not so free.

  12. To take no risks is the greatest risk of all.

  13. how do you advertise through shopify …… what platforms should I use through shopify .. please just getting started .

  14. I'd say it's hard that people are visiting my site and not purchasing anything

  15. Thank you this exactly what I was looking for to ear !!!!

  16. that is the biggest factor in being successful at anything in life

  17. What's the total cost you might have to spend to see a good ROI?

  18. Persistence is everything! And attitude must stay positive and understand that work must be done and in order to be ''LUCKY' you must create your own good luck. Think about everyplace you have worked there is always that one guy or gale that is making money hand over fist and it seems like luck. Wrong it is created luck by being positive and sticking to it.

  19. Your Yetti tabletop microphone picks up sound from sides, not the top, as you are using it now.

  20. +eCom Dudes Lets say you pick one product on your store, and you are persistent with Facebook Ads…I know you said to run say 50 different ads instead of 3…My questions: When you are testing is it better to run $5 ads or more expensive ones, and is it better to run the ad for just one day or longer, say like 3 days?

  21. Thanks for your tips =) Highly appreciate it. But I would like to know how much money should I invest in FB advertising per month?

  22. bro I notice this too. great point

  23. I want to sell Clothes and stuff I have around the house. Is shopify the right place to do this? I am tired of eBay.
    Feedback would be appreciated.

  24. If you’re looking for a professional logo for your drop shipping business, check out my fiver gig. I can make you a stunning, clean, high quality logo for only 5$. Thanks for reading 🙂

  25. I need some assistance on how i can not only run my shopify store how i can gain sales/traffic ? let me know if you are a successful marketer who doesnt mind sharing advice

  26. Its been one week for me running my domain/shopify store i'm paying for multiple ads and all im getting is traffic ! but no sales .

  27. How do you test? It's expensive

  28. Yes, this is very true. I currently have a 750k Instagram and you get these "fail" types soooo often. Just open an Aliexpress Shopify store and message a bunch of pages for cheap promos and think you're going to become a millionaire overnight. Or those types that are so risk averse they try to low ball and complain that they really need sales and need you to reassure them that they will. I cannot guarantee you that. My followers are 100% organic and real, but whether you get sales or not depends on YOU!

    To build this account, I did a lot of testing myself to see what kind of content would go viral on my account. See what captions would work, what hashtags would work, and a year later I have a 1.4 million reach. Sure, it's different than a Shopify store, but the principle still stands: expect to fail, and a lot. That's how you LEARN and GROW.

  29. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for the info. I don't mind placing a lot of ads, but how do you come up with a lot of ads in a short time period?

  30. What qualifies as a successful store? And what monthly profits is considered for a good niche that's successful?

  31. i'm from tunisia and i have trouble with online payments cause in my country we can't use our credit cards to pay online but i want to start my eCommerce business so bad how can i start it ? Please help me if you can , you are a such good person and i love your videos you inspire me and i love your way of thinking i wish you all the success bro ! Hats off 😀

  32. Do you have lessons on how to create a converting ads?

  33. FB is best for testing…this guy know what he is saying…I want to take your course.

  34. how long should you wait to pull the plug on a fb ad ?

  35. I have learned so much from my early ad days on FB. My page has 7800 followers that all came tome from a micro niche. This is not likely with a popular niche.
    So it takes time to start getting conversions.

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