3 Tips High Converting Landing Page (2018) – Ecommerce on Shopify

3 Tips High Converting Landing Page (2018) – Ecommerce on Shopify


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High Converting Page is really important for your e-com store
1. Bright Color On BUY NOW button
2. Social Proof in Product Description
3. Use Loox app
4. BONUS TIPS: use cross-sell for cheaper item

For who is beginner in this industry:
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  1. What is your opinion about presenting content before the call to action? I'm using PPC Advertising and doesn't it make sense to let them know before they get to the sign-up form. In comparison, I have also learned that less is more. This takes away confusion but it contradicts the first one. If you only use content sparingly then it makes sense to me that people sign up out of curiosity. They want to get on the thank you page and see what they will get. They don't know. They only know a fraction but I didn't explain it much. What do you think? I appreciate your reply.

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