$4,593 in 11 Hours Shopify Dropshipping (Heres How I Did It)

$4,593 in 11 Hours Shopify Dropshipping (Heres How I Did It)


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My name is Cameron Wallace. I’m an 18 year old e-commerce expert who discovered DROPSHIPPING after being miserable and fed up working at Olive Garden.

All it took was one product and one store to truly change my life. I look forward to sharing the strategies that helped me get to the point where I’m making Six-Figures every single month.

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  2. Using this strategy do you use the influencers business manager in order to run the ad through their stories? If not how so?

  3. What do you think would be better pay for 1 large shout out like you did with the girl or would you rather use that 700$ to scatter it to smaller pages?

  4. JUMPSTART !!!!! can I get a spot in your course ?

  5. How to get more sales and provide good customers service? JUMPSTART

  6. JUMPSTART CAMERON!!! Can I hit your success within a month once I get chosen for your ECOM-JUMPSTART PROGRAMME – also what amount of investment would you recommend to start with Influencer Marketing??? Choose Me!!!😍🔥🔥🔥

  7. JUMPSTART!! 🔥 How do you find trending products to market on instagram? Because there are certain products that market well only on facebook alone and there are some other products that market well only on instagram

  8. JUMPSTART, What's Your Most Profitable Niche?

  9. Jumpstart?🔥Fresh cut📸

  10. Jumpstart, I love your work you are inspiring. Do you use your own money to fulfill orders or use what you receive from purchase?

  11. jumpstart.. how long of a shoutout is the best deal?and when is the best time to do shoutouts

  12. Jumpstart – Hi Cameron, I have two questions to ask:
    1) what to do for the ads if it has higher engagement but no any sales(i waited for 4days)? should i kill the ads or wait?
    2) what should i do if one of my ad got only one sale after 4 days of trial. should i kill it or scale it ?
    Please i need your advice. Thank you

  13. JUMPSTART, Lets say I’m on a tight budget. What should i do with ig influencers, which placement and for how long?

  14. Anyone else cringe whenever he says 'banger' ahaha

  15. Jumpstart

    If a shop doesn't work out, do i stick with it or start a new one or revamp it

  16. 🔥J U M P S T A R T.🔥


  18. Comment JUMPSTART here for your chance at a free spot on the list!!

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