5 FACEBOOK AD TIPS YOU NEED FOR A KILLER CAMPAIGN *shopify dropshipping / ecommerce tutorial*

5 FACEBOOK AD TIPS YOU NEED FOR A KILLER CAMPAIGN *shopify dropshipping / ecommerce tutorial*


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  1. What’s up guys thanks for watching!! Currently in LA exploring and prepping for the ExCom Pre-Launch event on the 24/25th!! ❤️❤️

  2. what gives? I got your course and it's not even complete.

  3. Yo dude, I can only access first 7 videos from the course. When do I get access to the rest?

  4. Everyone can say that you said Its not important. Important thing is you need show with practice not with theories.

  5. Hey! I know u recommend privy but how do you use it? Like do u connect it with another email service or use it's own automating system. Also what do u think of abandonment protector plus against privy. I legit think u should make a video on the email marketing side of things since I dont think its talked much and we'd appreciate it. Thanks!

  6. Brooo Audience Insights is literally my best friend pretty much lmao People sleep on it so much, I had to make a video about it too haha

  7. I’m going to start product imagery. No more brushing it off

  8. Great Tips Thaddy 💚🙏🏻

  9. intro music?? amazing bro

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  11. Hey!

    do you recommend using your own personal account to use fb ads? Because if you're taking a video from fb, could your account get deactivated or flagged because you're using someone else's ad? I dont want to have my personal account blocked.


  12. 99k profit in 2 days because of you, will forever be thankful of you 🙂

  13. U look like barry allen from the flash😂💣 "no offence". But love your content man🔥🔥

  14. I actually just launched my store hoping to make 1 million in my first month

  15. Just placed my ad… and then the vid comes out :C. Na its fine, love you thaddy, keep it up!

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