7 HOT Dropshipping Products To Sell On Shopify In 2019 (SELL NOW!)

7 HOT Dropshipping Products To Sell On Shopify In 2019 (SELL NOW!)


In this video I show you 7 trending Shopify dropshipping products that you can sell in 2019!
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If you run a dropshipping Shopify store then watch this video now! I take you through 7
of the best dropshipping products you can sell online right now and make money with.

If you take these hot dropshipping products and try sell them yourself you have a good chance of making some money online with dropshipping. learning how to make money online with Shopify isn’t easy bu this will give you a head start. This will also help you with your products research!

Use aliexpress to import these products to your Shopify store then your re ready to start selling!

Thank you for taking the time out to watch these dropshiping and Shopify videos!

If you wanted to know how to find dropshipping products then make sure you watch this video to the end. finding the best products to sell is easy and you can just use aliexpress to confirm they have orders.



*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only.


  1. Franklin is simply THE BEST!. Thanks for this video.

  2. Nice one. Thx. BTW, Franklin do you know any services in China, so I could order them to record a video for me, without ordering a product to my address?

  3. Do you still do the course comment give-away?

  4. Dropping some Value as usual bro !

  5. Hey Franklin, I noticed that you recommend Shopify Payments in your other videos, however almost everyone I know gets a 25% money reserve, and an email from them saying that they are dropshipping from China. Do you know how to avoid this 25% hold? I'm currently using stripe but they take 10 days to pay Canadians and it dramatically effects my cash flow :/

  6. please i need products to sell i want to get rich quick , do i need bigger trust badges or should i reduce the time on count down ? i cant get any sales

  7. Can u tell me the best method to make money, I did amorous products but didn’t sell any plz help!!!!!

  8. Nice two comma club award beside the lion 👏

  9. Frank, so I can make a shopify store and put all these products ?

  10. Once again, great video. You mentioned that you were going to give the name of your video guy below but I couldn't find. I'm using image ads and want to move to video ads but not sure how. I want to make video's like the vegetable slicer. Do I need to buy software for this? Thanks once again for your great content. Maybe you should make a video on video ads.

  11. Hi;) was looking at youre deopship course – i live in Denmark , Scandinavia, is it possible to start up dropshipping when not living in US?

  12. Why are most products on aliexpress’s epacket time taking two months now???

  13. Great video 👍👍 I was just about to create a one product shopify store for water bottles !! My branded bottles

  14. Yeah have been seeing these all over 😉 thanks for sharing man 💯😎

  15. What about margins 2019 a conversion can cost $9. …

  16. how do you get the products fast and make your own videos ? before the trend goes down

  17. What are your thoughts on a 1 product website? Many other gurus are promoting 1 product websites.

  18. I spy a two comma award 😉

  19. i need your help.I have a same product a lot time in my store but not sell??!!??
    i need help to build at ADs just for one my product.Please.

  20. I have a store and for the full month (zero revenue) I haven't done any one single sale yet, my website looks professional (i guess), my images are good, running ads on Facebook, I'm not giving up yet, but it's not an easy job.
    if you can help me with that, it would be awesome.
    thanks for your videos.

  21. If you get bad feedback on FB, your drop shipping career is over. Nowadays they give customers surveys before 2 weeks and the customers say they didn't receive item (average epacket delivery is 3 weeks to USA). Please tell me what I can do to circumvent bad customer feedback.

  22. Frank, how you find these trending products?

  23. Hi Franklin, thanks for the great videos. What do we do during Chinese New Year? A lot of of the vendors say 44 days for delivery. Double the normal timeframe. Thanks!!

  24. Can you make LAA based just on profile id ?

  25. Great video Franklin! Can you recommend a service that makes video ads? Thanks

  26. Thanks for the video. Your the boss 🤘🤘🤘

  27. Great video as always. Question – Would you advise against setting up a store with just one product to sell? Or would you say that we need other items in the store a swell (if so, what's the minimum we should have on a seasonal store).

    I have a store already but it's very niche and I wouldn't be able to put any of these products in.

  28. Great video! Drop shipping is great because it's easy to get started. But, I've always had a hard finding the profit margins I'm looking for with dropshipping. Maybe I just haven't found the right product yet.

  29. Can you please give me the contact information of your video ad creator? You said you'd leave it below. I'm really looking for an video ad creator right now

  30. Great content as always, can't wait to start my shopify store 🙂

  31. Great video Franklin, been looking at no.2 myself. Definitely going to try it out! 👍

  32. I love how "gurus" do videos like this and completely flood winning products with newbie sellers and ruin the livelihood and success of those of us who are actually doing REAL research on products that are selling. It's ridiculous, now all of these products that were selling are going to be flooded.

  33. Awesome! THE realist content on YouTube 🙌👊

  34. Hey Frank another amazing video ^_^,
    i have a product that sell well but the conversion rate on my store isn't stable (between 3.5% and 5%), based on your experience can i get a stable conversion rate using Clickfunnels?
    And if i use Clickfunnels do i need to start a new ad on facebook or there's a way to redirect people to my clickfunnels instead of my store

  35. We want clickbank I beg you

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