7 Tips to Speed up your Shopify Store | APPSeCONNECT

7 Tips to Speed up your Shopify Store | APPSeCONNECT


If you look from a general perspective, it is obvious that after adding some extra things, your store will get slow. Here comes the contradiction – if you remove those extra customizations for increased speed, you will not able to get all features that #Shopify provides. In that case, your store will look like a plain store but with a better speed which is not desirable. So, you will be needing some strategical techniques, by which you can get both speed and features.

Here are 7 Ways in which you can speed up your Shopify #Store without giving up on the functionality:

*Image Optimization
*Reduce the Number of High-Resolution Images
*Choose a Fast Theme
*JavaScript and CSS files Optimization
*Manage the Apps Installed
*Try to use Device-Responsive Themes
*Better Server Response Time

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