8 Secrets of Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores 2019

8 Secrets of Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores 2019


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  1. Hello Chris, thank you for responding to my previous message. If i may ask, how do you do to sort out all this shopify stores….Thanks

  2. pure facts all day great content chris

  3. Hey I’m trying to download your pdf but it brings me to the regular clickfunnels page

  4. bro have you had your google accounted suspended before? and how long did it take to get it back? or did you even get it back?
    i've appealed my false accusation of 'selling counterfeit goods'' suspension, the product i sold i got form aliexpress, it was a generic non branded face mask, it didn't copy a movie or anything no brand or anything, its like saying a hairbrush is counterfeit.. its stupid a shit, idk if a competitor did this or some stupid algorithm thought it was counterfeit.

    this is the second day, they said 5 business days..
    i'm reading horror stories now while waiting for google to reply or reactivate my shit, i keep searching google ads suspended and keep seeing these horror stories of people being on google ads for 5 years and its their only livelihood and suddenly getting banned and not being able to create another account (like me been doing it for 1 year and its my only livelihood)

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma, i know creating another account is possible, but i need a new laptop. using another internet access, new credit card, new domain, new email, i don't even know if i need to create another shopify store or is changing the logo and domain is enough? (ill have to wait and see if they reconsider my appeal and reactivate it, than i can decide to change the logo and domain) or do you think they would still find out using data match with the product names and description?? man this is so fucked up..

  5. this entails starting your own production/ip line in order to start these kinds of stores

  6. when you first start out , dont u need to test many products to find your first winer and then niche from there?

  7. Value.value.value.
    I like how you highlighted customer service that's something most dropshippers doubt talk about.

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