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  1. Hi Rito,

    I have been following from Day 1 of this Bizathon.
    I have been taking notes and had the mindset to watch all your videos from here till the end of Bizathon 5 so I can make my plan of action.
    Should I just do everything from the beginning of this Bizathon or should I carry on my own plan?

    Thanks In advance friend.

  2. Sir suppose I get an order from Shopify store so do I need to order on my own from AliExpress seller or seller automatically gets in his/her account? If I need to manually order then what's the procedure for it?

  3. hey Rito, is it possible to dropship products directly from internet websites other than aliexpress? If so will i able to automate process same as in aliexpress?

  4. Thanku brother ! this video is most helpful ,business is all about mindset .

  5. bizithon7 should be about new business not facebook

  6. The cost of zeroup is $1500 for lifetime ?

  7. It's annoying that people do that. How is the store doing now?

  8. How many days do i have to wait before lauching my retargeting pub?

  9. I have been watching all his videos…and i think this is the most important video ! Why? – watch from 22:00 to 25:45 ! Thanks rito !

  10. People are idiots, seriously guys..use ur own brain, resesrch your own damn product!!! And stop copying…copy pasting and stealing other ppls products eill never get you any results..stop mooching and find ur own shit.

  11. Hi Rito, Thanks once again for the great content….much appreciated. Question: when setting up my ads sets, i notice that the under 'conversions events locations'>>'Website'>>'Purchase' the dot there is red instead of green as it appeared when you set up your adsets, what could be the issue? it also gives the message "Your ad may not be optimised for conversions because we haven't received any activity from the conversion that you selected at all or in more than 14 days" what do i need to do?

  12. Hi Rito, My name is Ankit and I am from Toronto ,Canada.First of all I am loving your training. It is awesome and so as your teaching skill.I have been following your shopify Training from Day 1.I admit that I have copied some contain from your store and even added some products as well but at the same time I have model your strategies about finding products and i have found some interesting products and added them to my store and based on your training I have tested couple of those products with daily budgets $10 and i have spent almost $150 dollar since last week but only able to make 2 sales so far. By the way i am using free theme but at the same time have used some paid app also so do you thing it could be my lading page?because lots of visitor not even click on add to cart button so is it because of theme,landing page or price?Let me know what can i improve if you want me to send you an URL of my store I can send you. at the end i would say the value you provide is awesome its not about the Knowledge you delivered but the way you delivered is great.some one said once"if your knowledge is not in orders, the more knowledge you have more confuse you become "but you understand very well how to delivered your knowledge so even beginner can follow the guideline.Thank you for the valuable training once again. Waiting for your feedback.Thanks

  13. @FlyingStartOnline Hey rito awesome #bizzathon I have gone through numerous videos & gurus and I must tell you this series is the best If it was on imdb i would give it 10 lol . Rito I am starting out with $1000 dollar budget I am from india so can you please talk about how to handle the finances which nobody talks about for e.g. lets say that I am testing the products following your statergy which is being paid from my 1000$ budget and say I got some sales which i paid again with the same budget . Now when I find a winner i start pushing the product with your scaling statergy which will burn the amount soon from here on how do I fulfill the orders? Knowing that it may take u 7 days to get the sales amount in your bank account through paypal how do I fullfill the orders and pay facebook ? Can you please tell me your statergy about this thank you

  14. Thanks for this video rito! I couldn´t attend the live video, but I just got two questions:
    1. Do you recommend us to shorten our product page links using tools like Google URL Shorterner or Bitly?
    2. Have you used Facebook Canva´s tool? I havent tested it but looks amazing on mobile!!


  15. Hey rito , thank you so much for all, i really want the next bizathon challenge be Cpa marketing or Adsense Arbitrage, one of those two will be very important. thank you again.

  16. I have to thank you Rito! I just started my Store and some FB ads so I'm hoping that I will make some sales. Last time when I tried this business I crashed 🙁 I got open store for 2mounts and I don't get any sale 🙁 So will see how it will go with your rules 🙂 You are doing perfect work

  17. sir Rito question, how do you handle clients if they are asking for the tracking number of the product. should we tell them that the product came from china?

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