Beginner Facebook Bot Messenger Training Using ManyChat

Beginner Facebook Bot Messenger Training Using ManyChat


Get started using Manychat’s Facebook bot messenger. Embed a live chat messenger on your website and your client sites.

Free Facebook Ads course & Cheat Sheet:

Setup an automated welcome sequence anytime somebody visits your Facebook page.

Put subscribers & prospects into an automated followup sequence and get them to take action and book a meeting with you.


  1. There are messages I created a long time ago. I can't find them to erase them. could you help me out o do this?

  2. super jet training……I don't know what are you running for.
    I can't understand your explanation.
    I'm sure this is NOT training….it is more of showing-off.

  3. Thanks for your VIDEO… has anyone ever told you it's pronounced "MANY" (like 'I have too MANY FB friends') and not "MANNY" (like "meet my friend MANUEL, he goes by MANNY'). Just thought you should know. Sorry don't mean to be negative, it was just distracting to listen to. 😉

  4. Just something I dont understand…once I set this Manychat message up on my business page does that mean if people visit my page the message will pop up for them? Sorry I just dont quite understand how the message gets to people. Great video by the way.


  6. Love your videos man! Think the intro of you talking should be longer. And you need a animation logo or something before you jump on the computer. Thanks for the wisdom.

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