Best Shopify Dropshipping Products To Sell THIS MONTH! (March Edition) | Shopify dropshipping 2019

Best Shopify Dropshipping Products To Sell THIS MONTH! (March Edition) | Shopify dropshipping 2019


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In this video we will be talking about what Dropshipping products you should be selling RIGHT NOW. I get a lot of questions about product research and some people even tell me they can’t find products so I started this series to talk to you guys about what Shopify Dropshipping products you should be selling and every month I’ll be dropping a video with new products! So this is March edition, enjoy the products and let me know how they perform for you!

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  1. Damn.. so many new winning products were & are already popular in my coutry.. I should test what is already popular here haha

  2. Hi Amber, 3 great products with decent price points. I haven't seen much of the last 2 products so they are not saturated just yet. Maybe you just caused a surge πŸ™‚

  3. Why no voice audio?

  4. Amber, would you go straight into Instagram influencers with these or test straight away on FB? Conversions on more High ticket items do they work as well on Instagram like the Shiatsu massager

  5. Thank you for all the wining products. In the future could you mention what audience to advertise this products to? thats where I'm having trouble.. P.S. What would be the targeted audience for the shoe-lift? Thanks in advance.

  6. What’s your method of finding these products?

  7. How do you find products sells.on google?

  8. Amber, do you offer a course for dropshipping?

  9. 85 views, 5 added to cart, 4 reached checkout, 0 SALES -__-

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