In this video I show you the highest converting Shopify theme of 2018, and how to setup your Shopify store with this theme step by step for beginners.

In this channel I give you my exact strategy to make $1,000+/day dropshipping on Shopify in 2018, using a combination of facebook ads, google Adwords, snapchat ads, and instagram influencers / automation.

NO PAID COURSES! All the information you need to succeed is already out there for free, my goal is to bring all of that information to one place.

Get unlimited FREE access to:
– Custom Theme
– $100k/Mo shopify stores
– Weekly profitable products
– Private facebook mastermind
– And much more!
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  1. Good products and ads are important, but what helped me get profitable was the store design. I now use nopsbit theme for all my stores because of how easy it is to design a good looking site.

  2. Can you send me this theme, it seems like custome job

  3. Can someone send me the theme please?

  4. Guys check out nopsbit theme. It's all you need to know, thank me later 😉

  5. hello, please could you to send me the theme file for my store

  6. hello please i would like from you to send me the free theme for my store

  7. Please can u email me your theme on's too gud

  8. So are you active on your channel anymore? The comments make it seem like you disappeared and nobody can get the theme you are talking about in the video which basically made this video useless because its tailored to your custom theme.

  9. great i cant get the theme anymore i just wasted my time

  10. does anybody have the theme?

  11. HOW DO YOU HAVE TWO DESCRIPTIONS! one on the bottom and the regular one, how do I make themseparatee!

  12. Dylan, on your web page you misspelled "wether" It should be "Whether" with an h. A wether is a castrated ram lol

  13. what theme are you giving out

  14. Hey! I can't change the colors of the links, even in the CSS file, nothing change… Anyone knows how to do that? Because the link has the same color as the normal text, so you cant see it's a link…

  15. if any one need this booster theme 2.2.1 Just contact me on

  16. Guys if you want themes like booster, turbo and many more contact ecom.3 on Instagram he is selling 30 amazing themes for $15. For proof dm me at 0fficial.ulis

  17. Hi Dylan am very much impressed,no one in you tube is doing this, thanks,I really need theme for my store plz
    Send theme to

  18. 👍Hi, I'd like to have your theme you've created. Looks awesome !

  19. Hey Dylan how do I get the theme I'm very interested

  20. I'm selling my multi-license Shopify Booster Theme license if anybody is interested just hit me up. Limited license only so first comers get it right away.

  21. Can i still get the custom theme?

  22. Dylan, I stumble upon your videos and I subscribe you your channel without knowing from your offer, which I will like to take your word for it, I looked for you on Instagram and there are plenty of Dylan G. I'm about to start my adventure on Spotify and your advise and offer is just the help I'm looking for, I'll be able to start with the right foot, so how can i get your template?

  23. Is the free custom theme still available?

  24. I love the free theme, but an issue I'm having is showing variations of the product on the product page. The "Color" button allows the customer to choose different colors, but I am not sure how to change it so it says something like "TYPE." Anyone got any ideas?

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