Best Targeting Method For Facebook Ads In 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

Best Targeting Method For Facebook Ads In 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping


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  1. Hey Royals! Thank you for all your support on my videos, and I truly appreciate every one of you.
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  3. Your videos make me feel more confident doing this. Thanks brotha! When I make it I hope we can network.

  4. Challenge: watch the first 3 sec in x2 speed

  5. Im literally getting 100-200 visitors a day using this but no purchases. Just alot of add to carts and payment info but no sales. Help

  6. I'm so glad I found your videos! You give so much information, thank you so much!

  7. What are they key aspects of a trustworthy store??

  8. "Don't overthink general products" – 100% man. Its a huge mistake that people try to squeeze general products into a laser-specific interest

  9. Can i haz consultin call plx

  10. Hey great video but What do you mean by when you say ad sets. And can you type multiple demographics in one ad

  11. Great video. Can you make a video what to do next? You made 10 ad sets. What next? When you kill an adset? When you scale and keep an adset? Thanks

  12. Bro what were the results of these ads? Coversion rate?

  13. I have a bunch of add to carts but no purchases? what turns them off?

  14. spent 100 bucks on ads no sales. need help. :/

  15. I've been trying to book a 1-on-1, I am getting 'Unable to pay. The business must allow receiving payments from 3rd parties.' Any thoughts?

  16. Heres to a big 2019 bro 🔥

  17. How to avoid having only cheap traffic even with excludes countries in worldwide targeting ?

  18. So many times we follow exactly what we learn including products/ ad copy etc and see zero results…what is the magic you have??? 🙂

  19. Value🔥🔥as always. can ypu throw a video on Manychat? Thank you

  20. What should i price my items at?

  21. Dope Content 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Can you go into detail about the time it takes for Facebook to optimize an ad campaign and when you should scale or kill it? This is confusing me because I hear people go back and forth on how to budget it but one guy told me to run my ads for 4-7 days because Facebook will optimize them in that time and reduce the CPC.

  23. This may be a silly question but here goes, What exactly happens when a customer wants to return a product? I would obviously refund them, but who do they send the product back to? Myself of AliExpress? If any customer is unhappy I want to make sure they're taken care of.


  24. what about oberlo supplier as an alternative to shopify? It has better delivery and tracking….

  25. If you utilize your FB targeting strategy and you have a low budget what do you suggest? I tried the targeting strategy with 6 Ad Sets for two products each (Slap Sunglasses and O.TWO.O Makeup) and I reached the $10 mark for each Ad Set with no conversions after 48 hours. I stopped all Ad Sets at that point. I used conversions for each Ad Set. The cost was $216 for all 12 Ad Sets. Should I utilize the FB pixel and retarget elements like video views etc. or disregard and start new campaigns? In your videos you state not to retarget unless you have conversions. I would appreciate suggestions. Thank you!

  26. This is exactly what I was looking for today and someone suggested this video! Thank you so much for this information! Have you tried any google ads? Also any extra SEO? A video on that would be extremely beneficial! Look forward to more of your videos!

  27. Somebody is stealing all your video topics and original tactics lol. It's sad and funny at the same time. U young as hell and got old ass MFs stealing yo shit

  28. When a campaign is failing, how do you know if it's the audience or the AD?

  29. For people like me with a limited budget, how would I start an effective ad campaign with only $5-$10 a day?

  30. dropship spy is best tool for find winning product

  31. What do you recommend in the beginning, FB Ads or Instagram influencer?

  32. Great video man!
    QUESTION: When starting up and choosing a name for your website on shopify, would you say that it needs to be related to the products you plan on selling…? If so, how do you keep up with products in correlation to the name of your website when one stops selling? You can only find or choose so many winning product that have to do with your website name until you have to change the category of the product you're selling entirely….

    Thank you!

  33. Liked and subbed 🙌🏽 How do you feel about Snapchat ads and how would you promote your ads on that platform?

  34. I have looked at so many videos about this. I finally get it with your video. THank you for giving the simple, easy, overview with just the details needed. I really appreciate this.

  35. do you use audience insights? if you don't then why not?

  36. Would I be able to run Facebook ads through my personal account for my store or do I have to setup a Facebook page separately and run the ads through there. Appreciate any feedback.

  37. Hey Chris, how many adsets do you usually test when you put the budget up to 50$ and how do you know if it's a keeper?

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