(Day 3) Shopify Challenge: New Store from $0 to $3,000 a Day in 7 Days *INFLUENCER MARKETING*

(Day 3) Shopify Challenge: New Store from $0 to $3,000 a Day in 7 Days *INFLUENCER MARKETING*


πŸ”₯ How I Went From $0-$100,000/Month: https://bit.ly/2IWMbQE
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Shopify Challenge Series: https://bit.ly/2WFWSMa
πŸ’° My Favorite Videos From other DROPSHIPPERS:
Dropshipping Profitably in 2019 | Main Strategy Changes by Gabriel St-Germain : https://bit.ly/2DjrqvS
Ultimate Product Research Guide for 2019 | How to Find Hot Dropshipping Products by Gabriel St-Germain : https://bit.ly/2Y1SkzX
How I Find $1000/day Winning Products For Shopify Dropshipping (Product Research Mastery) by Arie Scherson : https://bit.ly/2L8J8Gs
FASTEST Way To Find And Test Winning Products 2019 | Shopify Dropshipping by Arie Scherson : https://bit.ly/2Y3tuzW

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  1. Love this video and started implementing those strategies. Some IG influencers with 18k followers want 100$ though ANd a free product :S
    So if you managed to get so many influencers with 400$- Wow!

  2. Awesome knowledge..
    Preach my guy πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  3. Please make a video about what pictures to put on your instagram.

  4. The instagram doesnt exist anymore!

  5. Can you please check out my store and give feedback: mannyindustries.com

  6. Yo bro lemme have this this great

  7. Hi Cameron,

    I send messages to influencer (42) and only two reply me back after I don't ear them again but I still on looking for other but when I go in there pictures and type (fire) Business DM (fire) they only like the comment and that's.

  8. πŸ₯ΆπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’΅πŸ’΅

  9. Fire content better than other peopleπŸ”₯

  10. bro how did you make 9k followers so fast?

  11. My name is Benjamin Fearn. I want to win so I can learn how to run a store. After I learn I want to give it back to another fan!!

  12. Jay shirke.100% guarantee I won't let you down with the store. I have had some success with Facebook but you taught me a lot about Instagram which I would love to use on the store! #fingerscrossed

  13. I see very less people doing Instagram influencer marketing but it's still working!

  14. Omg! The giveaway is tomorrow!!

  15. Testing this with my own store!!

  16. I personally write all these comments, I don't copy and paste the same comment in every video! I'm real!

  17. Bro seriously keep it like that!πŸ‘Œ

  18. You are showing real insights!!😍 you are the only one that understands that we are a bit dumb and we need things to be as simple as possible😁

  19. I can imagine myselft hitting my first $1,000 day with the help of your videos😍

  20. "Gurus" cry when they see this stuff, that footage of the sales increasing looked like a dream comming true😍

  21. Remember me? Again?! Told you, you wont forget this face. Ohh!! Almost forgotπŸ˜… keep this name in mind too; JosΓ© Pereyra. Really nice name, isn't it.

  22. And that Evarose Account is the influencer plug 😭

  23. 5th time I’m watching this series around, always find so much value. Takin notes πŸ“

  24. I failed with IG Influencers the first timeπŸ˜–. NOT AGAIN!!πŸ’ͺ

  25. Hey mate ! Thanks for the value πŸ™‚ How much you pay your influencer ? I mean how do you set a price ?

  26. Name: Cole Gates
    1. Getting this store and some personal tips from you could give me freedom from college.
    2. I am very dedicated to this business model!

  27. Hi,im Ciprian and i want to win that site bcause i want to prove to my parents and my big brother who they think i cant make money from internet and its a waste of time

  28. Name: Cole Gates
    1. I’d like to win the store to give me a better chance to change my life.
    2.I’ve watched a lot of your videos as well!

  29. 1. I’d like to win the store to give me a better chance to change my life.
    2.I’ve watched a lot of your videos as well!

  30. I am Phuad, and I want to win the store because I want to help my family financially and give them the life they deserve.

  31. Can we do affiliate marketing with influencers

  32. I think I should win because I'm relatively new to dropshipping and I love it! I've tried making two websites but for some reason everything freaks out at the end, it won't come together. I would love this opportunity and would for sure make my year. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

  33. I would be glad to win your store appart that because you're an expert in this, because i dont want my parents keep working so hard in a 9hr job i really want to help my family. Thank you for the inmesurable value you share with us. You are a crack! – Jean Paul Fischler 18yrs old (Colombia).

  34. Verry Informational broo, series helped me alot make a few sales with influencers

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