DAY 7: My FIRST Shopify SALE! (Zero To $100k Shopify Challenge)

DAY 7: My FIRST Shopify SALE! (Zero To $100k Shopify Challenge)


In this video, we made our first shopify dropshipping sale! We ran a couple facebook ads without instagram influencers because facebook advertising is the best way to scale you dropshipping business online. For more updated content for our zero to 100k shopify challenge, be sure to Subscribe ►

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E-commerce has changed my life. I remember when I would stay up late at night working on my Shopify business. I knew if I never gave up and kept going I would see the end of the tunnel. That is exactly what happen. Creating a Shopify store not only has allowed me to travel the world but create passive income for myself.

I use to dread waking up in the morning at 5AM going into my 9-5 job. I knew that life was not for me. Passive income is the best and the ultimate goal which I feel like everyone should pursue. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to.

That is why, I want to change as many lives as I can. I know that it is going to be a long road cause there are a BILLION people on this earth…BUT if i can impact YOU…yes you the person that is reading this right now. I know I have done my job. Financial freedom is possible my friend. Watch below how I am able to travel and work where ever I want just by creating Shopify stores online!

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  2. IPhone video I just subscribed to your YouTube this is my first comment

  3. Hey Malik! Whatup? Hope your ok!
    Have u made an engagement ad before?

  4. I have bought the course, but cant find your theme. Where can i get it?

  5. Great video 👍🏾just like always 🔥

  6. Nice ,There Is Always A Beginning….

  7. Yo. I’ve been looking for legit Shopify guys to have on my channel. I called out that jet set dude on my instagram and he lost his shut. Lol. Than I looked him up on youtube and found you guys. Care to do a small collab?

  8. Hey Malik. Can I also market Christmas Sweaters with Image Ads instead of Video Ads?

  9. Hey can i ask u run ur ad as engagement or conversion?

  10. Great value! just launched my store and got a sale through instagram influencer! now i just started facebook ads really would love that consulting call!

  11. Loving the video again! LETS GO!!!!!

  12. Hi Malik!! So excited for this series! When customers buy multiple products from your store, does it ship to them in one package or multiple?

  13. I love your content! You inspired me to start my own Youtube channel because I have had enough success in my own businesses and I want to share my knowledge with the world too! Thank you for inspiring me!

  14. Man, this series is so inspirational. Im currently in high school and trying to get into dropshipping. Im saving up to buy your course so I can start grinding!!

  15. Can you check out my store please!

  16. Short, simple, and to the point video. I dig that.

  17. Stoked on the first order. Can’t wait to see more progress. Btw I’m taking your course and learning so much that I would have never thought about and can’t wait to implement the strategies to my own store. ❤️👊🏼

  18. Got my first sale, now i am stuck!! #Help

  19. idc what anyone says youre the #GOAT no other mentor is as transparent as you! #TeamMalik

  20. Bro is it important to have 10 duplicate ads? Like budget is low i can't spend that much daily

  21. Malik🔥 How do people from UK buy from your store? does the store currency auto changes depending on location?

  22. Great video, so much value its insane ! I could really use that consulting call bro 🙂

  23. how long do you think it will take you to make 100k in sales? great vid bro

  24. Bruuh I love ur videos man, hopefully one day I’ll have my own business

  25. Just started up my first shopify store today, about to get my logo made. Keep up the good shit man

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  27. Thank you it's resky to no get better sells without loosing in the ads

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  29. Early gang is here.

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