DON'T Do This If You're Shopify Dropshipping

DON'T Do This If You're Shopify Dropshipping


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Absolutely don’t do this if you’re Shopify dropshipping. These 3 mistakes are very common with Shopify dropshipping and can be detrimental to your success. Hit SUBSCRIBE for more insane value!

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  1. When was "back in the day"?

  2. for dropshipping shopify is necessary?

  3. Hello Braden! Thank you for all the priceless information! I am from India and there isn't a lot of drop shipping competition here as compared to the BIG 5 countries , just as you mentioned in your third point, i was thinking of starting from India and then moving to tier 2 & tier 1 countries if i find my winning product , will that work?

  4. Braden, do you source your products from AliExpress?

  5. Sir,I wanted to know the initial cap ex for starting a Shopify store?
    P.S. I'm 17 is it okay to start right now?

  6. You should make a video about what countries to target besides the big 5, never heard of anyone testing anywhere else other than the big 5

  7. Awesome video as always Braden! Have you tested in the UAE? Some of my friends say they're buying a lot of stuff.

  8. How to make dropshipping video ads without getting into copyright issue

  9. Soo… Dropshipping those Entrepreurship Canva Painting #NICHEEXPOSED hahaa lol Keep it up bro!

  10. Hey Braden, have you ever advertised in different languages?

  11. Bro please do a live stream

  12. Would a sports niche be good? For example, have golf, basketball?

  13. Does ur course include 1-on-1 mentorship with you?

  14. For testing, do you suggest targeting worldwide and excluding the lower tier countries?

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