Dropshipping Name Brands – How to Do it Correctly on Shopify

Dropshipping Name Brands – How to Do it Correctly on Shopify


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In this video, we’re going to cover dropshipping name brands. The fact is that many people talk about this in the entirely wrong way. You can dropship name brands, but not the types of name brands you’re thinking of. Don’t even dream of doing big tech or clothing brands like Apple, Adidas, Nike etc.

The correct way to dropship name brands is to think of what people know in different niched down industries. For example, people that are into motorcycles definitely know all of the names of the products in that industry. They do research and then Google to buy name brands in the industry. Makes sense right?

Bikes are another interesting one to think about. If you’ve ever met anyone that’s into bikes, they know brands that span well beyond common knowledge. They don’t just know about the Shwinn at Walmart but they also know about expensive brands like Pinarello.

I also go over a funny example from Breaking Bad. A huge hardware store like Home Depot is a great way to find niched down industries and name brands for things you’ve never thought of. It’s a great way to get the wheels turning. Be careful about picking up the really common ones, but focus on the ones that are unique that it seems like enthusiasts would be into.

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