EASY Product Page Hacks For 2019 (Increase Conversion Rate) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

EASY Product Page Hacks For 2019 (Increase Conversion Rate) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019


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Hey everyone!

Hope you are all having an awesome day. Todays video is about the 5 most important things to have in your product descriptions to increase conversions! This is a VERY important topic as it can be the difference between being unprofitable, breaking even, or profiting. As facebook ad costs rise up, making the most out of the traffic you buy is becoming more and more important so conversion rate optimization should be a priority.

These tips today will really help you out with this and will also allow you to stand out from the dropshipping competition, which is always a good thing πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and I hope you enjoyed it!

πŸ‘‡First time watching my videos?

Let me introduce myself :D! πŸ‘‡

My name is Arie Scherson and I am a young entrepreneur & digital marketer. Over the last three years I have built three 6 figure online businesses and I am continuously working to grow them. The first one was built while I was working a part time job as a server at a restaurant and juggling a full time college education! Trust me it was tough, but after finding consistent success I decided to quit my job and quit school, this lead me to having more free time to scale my businesses and also to create this YouTube channel :)!

I started this YouTube channel as a way to share my journey, and I continue to do that till this day. In this channel I cover things related to shopify dropshipping, Ecommerce, Facebook ads, entrepreneurship in general and even give you a glimpse into my personal life from time to time. I’d love to be a part of your ecommerce journey, and if you enjoy my videos please do subscribe.


  1. I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Leave me a comment on some video suggestions or anything else you wanna tell me! I try to answer all comments πŸ™Œ

    And here is the link to the 30 day extended trial to the Loox Review app. They were nice enough to let me share it with you guys! https://loox.io/app/EcomInnerCircle

  2. man, from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU

  3. hi arie, you said in the video that reviews are a must, but how can I have reviews when I'm starting? looking forward your response, thanks and more power!

  4. what happens if i can't find any reviews for the product?

  5. I got 600k because of this guy

  6. Nice video! No need to be so happy, be real!

  7. So no more scarcity and no more trust badge? Or just use the black and white trust badges right below the add to cart and then start the description?

  8. Hi Arie! Great videos man! I am following you closely and I really think dropshipping can make you shit loads of money, but I am right now kind of skeptical and I can say afraid to put my money in, considering how popular this is now. It just seems too trendy and constantly needing to find new and new products. I guess it would be great to find some niche and products that will not ware off after let's say 2019. And what's with these sites getting closed? For example the auto one you are mentioning in this video: Deliteron.com. Currently you cannot access it and I could see complains on Paypal forum about this.

  9. Can I import AliExpress review using Loox?

  10. Why you dont use macbook or imac?

  11. Great Video – Great Points πŸ™‚

  12. How do you do the product review? Is it in the Ecom Innercircle package?

  13. Thank you so much! I am learning a lot from you! greetings from Mèxico!

  14. Yeah man the simple is dope! Keep up the insightful and real information

  15. https://adswiper.com/facebook-ad-spy-tool NOT WORKING, i don't understand why and how to activate. as mentioned on the website.
    {AdSwiper is forced to shut down…
    It all started back in December 2017.}

  16. Damn this is good advice gonna start my store very soon

  17. Adswiper is shut down .
    Do you know other free app ?

  18. Thanks for the great contents, Arie. I did dropshipping on 2016 until early of 2018. I couldn't find my break than on 2018 I came across branding shops and convert to pod and branding and still no successes. On Jan I shut my shop. Not with the intention of quiting but I need to learn the business from outside. Besides, I'm seriously run out of money, hahah… That's the ultimate truth. I know what was my mistakes back then. I was too concerned about how if I failed again than giving a genuine try with ads and products. There were many products which I filtered and thought it could be a winner but I was hesitate to try and now I'm seeing them in the history of dropping winners. Insecurity kills!!! Limited amount of money made me work like crazy and sometime idiot too. πŸ˜‘ Knowledge is a waste if we don't have the confidence to work with it, right. Now, I'm doing freelancing and gathering money and knowledge to kick start business again. Youtube has always been and still is my teacher in ecom. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Every failures are building me to reach even better heights in the future. I'm excited to explore it soon. Have a fabulous day ahead. Stay blessed and keep rocking!

  19. Good and nice to watch video. +++ Credits !

  20. Thanks for the value!! πŸ’ͺ🏾

  21. Super super super ayudante!!!! Increible como estos pequeΓ±os detalles cambiaron la Vista de mi pagina! Excelente video!!!

  22. Lol what's crazy is that I was actually the first person that made the bike vest ad in December when no one knew about it. Got a lot of engagement on the ad but I didn't know how to sell it on the product page so I cut it off because it only got 1 sale lol. But it's all apart of the journey. I'm wayyy better now than I was back then, see you at the top


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