Email Marketing Strategy for Beginners in 2019

Email Marketing Strategy for Beginners in 2019


Email marketing is one of the best sources of FREE traffic for your store. This video is the perfect introduction to email marketing for beginners. Whether you’re marketing with MailChimp or another platform, watch this video learn:

What is email marketing
Why an email marketing campaign is better than Faceook
The 3 essential campaigns you need to get leads
Email marketing strategies that work in 2019

By the end, you’ll know how to do email marketing like a pro. Use these email best practices to drive sales for your Shopify store and get your dropshipping business off the ground.

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  1. if you set up the apps aswell will the emails get stacked ? with the app and shopify it sell ?

  2. To apply what you teach in this video, we need to get customers that will actually go to the store first!

  3. Very informative info Jessica on email marketing, Every dollar you say helps.I;m going to pursue this further plus your info is free too!!

  4. I always appreciate the value of your content but I would like to know how to run several campaigns at the same time? HAPPY Women's Day! 👍🌹

  5. Great video and thank you for the info…. BUT… I barely made it through it because the video jumping back and forth from up close to back farther literally caused some wierd anxiety to start a couple minutes into it that kept building. Is it because I wear glasses or because Im just really focused and watching attentively and it was extremely annoying!!! 😕

  6. I allways hate adds, but still some crazy people find my store between thousands i pay nothing. I dont thank no body after that sells, i earn good everything goes well 🙂

  7. I finally got to meet "Jessica from Orbelo!" 😂 I get the emails from her, and they are always very helpful.
    This video wasn't an exception… I think this was the most helpful.

    Thanks Jessica 🙌🙌

  8. Hi oberlo! I have an internship where i due email marketing by finding businesses and asking them if they would like to be advertised in our magazine. Any advice?

  9. haha she gave out the answer in the first few sentences: email marketing. OK. thought it will be something more "creative".

  10. Thank you for your presentation. Furthermore, I like the subtitles. That help me to better understand !

  11. What about spam & sending bulk emails ? In affiliate marketing ,google will penalize your site for that.This is very similar.

  12. This is very good information but it is not the entire picture for a beginner drop shipper with NO customer base as yet. Information on how to go about getting those email addresses in the first place (in addition to the quick suggestion about having them sign up to a pop-up on your website — which fails to tell people WHAT they would be asking people to sign up for that would compel them to do so!) without spending money. THAT would be of high value. Appreciate the videos though — they set Oberlo apart.

  13. Good Information…a more in-depth tutorial on how to generate leads for email marketing would be nice.

  14. You wrote emai on tumbnail pic

  15. Could you put out a tutorial?

  16. How do you get that customer base? That's not free.

  17. Pretty cool, but you still need to pay to get the initial traffic to the store lol. So the title is more of clickbait. This isn't bringing traffic to your store, it's retargeting people who have already been to your store.

  18. Oof they messed up the thumbnail – emai marketing

  19. How we get email address of customers? Without paying money for initial traffic to the store.

  20. I started with Shopify but later moved to Woo with AliDropShip. Nothing to complain but Oberlo has Jessica and team, crunching insightful videos and building a community which is slightly more engaging to a beginner.

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