Facebook Ad Split Testing Hack (shopify dropshipping)

Facebook Ad Split Testing Hack (shopify dropshipping)


Split Testing Facebook Ad Hack for Shopify
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  1. Hey Tristan !

    How do you proceed when you found a winner ? Keeping only this one, and creating others in order to constantly compare creatives ? 🙂

    Awesome content, thank you so much !

  2. thank you man good video

  3. Is there any downside to the already existing split test function of FB compared to this rather manual method?

  4. Thanks, Tristan! Trying it out now, but I can't seem to create the budget for individual Ad like you. May I know how you did it? They only allow me to set budget for Ad Sets.

  5. TOP! Thank you Tristan for share! 😀

  6. Awesome content. When do you use this kind of split testing? When you have a winner or just at the start of testing?

  7. I ALWAYS get that warning about having too much text even when there is barely any text. With this much text my ads just won't run for anything. Surprised you never mention that. Is there some trick to sneaking through all this text?

  8. Hi Tristan,

    I got a question.. What kind of objective/campaign do you use with more standard products (in this case canvasses & posters). And how do you test those ads? Looking forward to hear from you. PS; love your content.

  9. If i test 7 interest × 4 (thumbnail/ad copy) × 6$ = 168$ per product for testing what are some metric that can show to kill ad more quickly ?

  10. Can you give tips on creating thumbnails?

  11. That intro haha xD Love the ad hack

  12. LOL that intro tho! dope vid

  13. Could you make a video for new alternatives to free + shipping and how to acquire customers with a new store and fb pixel? Thanks for the videos, they are extremely useful!

  14. Great vid Tristan 🙂 Can you go more in depth about the thumbnail creation in Canva ?

  15. Hey Tristan..can you make video on placement strategy..Auto or Specific placements? And why?

  16. I just got my first sale! OMG it feels so soooooooooooooo fucking good! I am not a loser! I knew it! I fucking knew it! I am not a fucking loser!!!!!!!!

  17. Do thumbnails really matter that much though? When someone js scrolling through the fb or ig feeds, the vid automatically starts playing anyways and shows the thumbnail for maybe a split second. In what instance is it actually viewable for a good amount of time?

  18. Tristan's got a great course which goes much more in depth on all of this called the product winner blueprint. Good luck everybody!

  19. Great video! Could you advice when do we do this split testing thumbnail? At the beginning testing of WC PUR or after you get 1 sale?
    The metric looks like you are targeting 1 country. The cpm is extreme high.. 🙂

    I do this too on my ads. Even my campaign only targeting for local people (Indonesia) it still ridiculously work.. Thanks mate!

  21. Do you always make videos for testing products? Can you get away with a good image? Thanks

  22. I heard that it’s not good to split test the ad creatives within the same ad group because it spends money unevenly, rather create another whole ad group for each ad creative to spent the same amount of money, what do you think about this?

  23. Interest should be same in every adset.or we can target other interests.

  24. Hey i have one question.. Lets say i run an ad for a product and the numbers are not good. How can i determine if its the product the problem or my ad? If the first campaign does not work do i just change the campaign and try again? What if its not the campaign the problem but the product? Also love your videos you are the only one that talks with numbers and not in general. I learned more from you in two days than other youtubers in 2 months.

  25. How it will use a budget? If your adset have 10$, will each ad get 10$, or it will split?
    Also, did you use this when testing, or when already have a winner?

  26. Great video mate 👍🏽… but do you do this when you’re testing with PPE or when you’re scaling with WC? Thanks

  27. Great video!I have a question,when you price your products,do we have to take into consideration the price on Amazon?
    Would be great if you could make a video on this

  28. Cheers Tristan, great video

  29. Thanks, Tristan. Could you upload in a better resolution next one, please 🙂

  30. How would you scale 1 winning ad set? I've duplicated it 3 times and increased from $5 to $10 one of them. Is that good enough?

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