Facebook Ads Profit Funnel For Shopify Dropshipping! $300/Day Easy!

Facebook Ads Profit Funnel For Shopify Dropshipping! $300/Day Easy!


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**We have partnered with shopify for the deal above** **We have partnered with shopify for the deal below**

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  1. This is what most of these youtube motherfuckers wont tell you he kept it simple but is telling you the truth… you have a foundation now build upon it I make money regardless 😭 now you guy figure out how.. this here is the “foundation”

  2. great video, love the content and white board

  3. Hi, this is gold, currently testing out your theory in this vid, I've bought your Facebook ad course and thats gold also, anyone reading this , James knows his stuff !!!

  4. Wonderful… cheap 4500 hot clixs for 1$, sales-sales https://is.gd/bbvbteppc

  5. like your videos but why you sound like the duff guy from the simpsons? lmao

  6. Anybody using this strategy?

  7. Is that even allowed according to the fb ad policy? to tell them: "hey you saved the post"

  8. Is here anyone ecom domination course member ?

  9. This is only for a winning product right?

  10. Great vid bro!
    What's your daily budget for a video view ad? or rather your recommended daily budget for this video view ad funnel?

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