Facebook Ads Scaling Strategy (Shopify Dropshipping 2019)

Facebook Ads Scaling Strategy (Shopify Dropshipping 2019)


You’ve been testing products for your Drop shipping Business for a while now and looks like finally, you have a winning product! Your ad sets are staying profitable and you can’t be happier! Now you want to scale those profitable facebook ad sets but don’t know how! Do I duplicate them? Do I increase the budget by 20%? What do I do? Every facebook ad expert keep telling you different things! In this video, I’ll tell you the best beginner way to scale your product and make more money this Q2! Let’s Crush it!
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  2. Hello I am very interested in getting started in this industry I would love to start a business how much is the start up cost to start a business like this with advertising

  3. Looks like a great method I'm going to try it. Thanks for this video Naz!

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