Facebook Ads Vs Google Shopping for Ecommerce (Best Traffic Source For Shopify Dropshipping)

Facebook Ads Vs Google Shopping for Ecommerce (Best Traffic Source For Shopify Dropshipping)


In this video its Facebook Ads VS Google Shopping to determine whats best for your shopify dropshipping ecommerce store. When I started my first Aliexpress Dropshipping store I ran Facebook Ads & didn’t get any sales, I wanted to quit so bad. Then I came across using Google Adwords for Ecommerce and my perception switched about running a shopify store. After learning How to run Google Ads for Shopify I got my first sale and then soon made my firt thousand dollars. How to run facebook ads for shopify is using retargeting in my opinion. Let me know about your success with facebook ads for ecommerce.

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  2. 6:30 Right. I saw this tip from one random comment. I got here because I'm frustrated with fb ads. A newbie can't compete with the larger guys selling the same winning product.

  3. REALLY appreciate the videos man! I've been going STUPID hard on FB Ads for about a month now and have tried every GURUS strategy with audience size, adsets, pixel data, etc. Have only managed 3 measly sales that simply felt lucky to happen. The site is fully optimized for conversations with a premium theme etc, etc and the products are heavily researched. I'm an eternal optimist and I refuse to blame the platform since I've had success selling courses and generating leads with FB ads so I'm comfortable with the platform. But, I just can't crack consistent sales via drop shipping from Ali Express even when I've used products shipping from the US. I have a background in content creation and my ads get a ton of engagement etc. Every time I watch a video about FB ads I think "Damn I know that and have tried it already!" the fact of the matter is that I have a family to look after and I can't get throwing money into the FB pit to TEST, TEST, TEST! like every guru says just feels too much like gambling at this point. I'm not risk-averse at all but I like to feel like I have a bit more control over my ad spend than I do at this point on FB even with hyper-targeted campaigns and adsets. I'll be damned if I quit but your videos have inspired me to pivot over to google and try things out with Google ADs. Thanks again fam i'm just waiting on all my products to be approved then i'm going to test out some Google Shopping ads. I'm tempted to do AdWords now but I want to test Google Shopping first to see if any of my products gain any traction and break out into adwords campaigns from there.

  4. I can't do Facebook ads anymore, my page keeps getting unpublished for no reason. Plus my ads "apparently" breach their policies even though the product has nothing to do with it. Starting with Google & Bing ads now! Good content dude, just subbed 🙂

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