Fast : $200 Day On Shopify In 3 Steps [Beginner Proof Fixes]

Fast : $200 Day On Shopify In 3 Steps [Beginner Proof Fixes]


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Becker totally ignores the headline of the video and goes on a vicious rants about snowflake guitar players and then makes a bizarre connection between that and being good at business. He also shows so stuff that dudes are doing wrong with their Shopify stores…bro….


  1. Does this guy ever get to the fucking point?

  2. 15 video later unsub this dude full of shit. Cant belive peapole are buying this shit

  3. What the fuck is this? lmao it's great

  4. Alex how important is SEO in 2018, especially for ecommerce. Could you make a video on that


  6. I am in the process of putting together my own Shopify store right now to sell my own brand of clothing. So glad I watched this video. I was going in with the mentality of just making some extra money to supplement my 9-5 job but that's not going to get me to being a business owner making millions. You definitely got me thinking when you brought up the example of the skateboarder guy giving value to potential customers with his informational Instagram. THANK YOU!

  7. Shows what you know! I actually AM trying to build a Pokemon card business!

  8. You are totally right. You helped me.

  9. Please Senpai Becker, teach me how to not be a mediocre bitch.

  10. I mean i might do harder stuff when i hit 18 right now im 15 and im making 70-100 bucks a day from dropshipping while i learn stuff for when i hit 18 because being under age kinda sucks for this stuff gotta dodge a lot of things.

  11. This is a really really good video.

  12. I just subscribed! Some awesome videos, man! I've gotten a lot out of them as an independent creator who mostly gets sales online. 🙂

  13. so do I put it On youtube and facebook

  14. I plan on making some video's let's do this and I like the video game I need to do this. asap

  15. Just wonderful, been searching for "dropshipping success rate" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Gonrooklyn Dropshipping Fraternity – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my neighbour got amazing success with it.

  16. I love this video ! Its pretty awesome

  17. 10X RULE! Sounds like it!

  18. Honestly, after expenses which includes ads, how much do you make?

  19. why does money = success??? ive made alot of money in the past and it does not bring you happiness it can bring more stress and it can also bring less stress at the same time……its hard to explain. When you make alot of money you can buy the necessities of life + "things" whether its a faster computer or faster internet what ever the "thing" is to you, you will buy. Then you stress because in order to keep having these "things" you have to work harder to get the next new "thing" or the faster "thing". So its a never ending cycle. So its like you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. The one positive about working your ass off is you wont sit and contemplate crazy unverifiable things like whether we live in a simulation or a multiverse or some other BS thing you cant explain or prove…

  20. I don't need motivation I need all the other stuff, which video is that one?

  21. OH my god after 2 minutes I lost interest. Get to the point already

  22. Motivation Stuff
    – Be the 'Pro man' or at least try hard enough to be pro, at least if you fail, you'll be the average person who get $500 dollar/month

    3 things killing Shopify stores
    1. No time scarcity
    -no reason to buy now
    -not alot conversion
    2. No Scarcity timer and countdown timer
    -how many items are left
    -have social proof
    3. No research in other stores/niche
    -just putting a fb ads in general is bad

    *true value is in the video not this text.

  23. 7:21 damn, there should be background motivation music here,
    damn good motivation, feels so bad about myself,
    and feels so PUMP OUT

  24. You mentioned Dragonforce! I used to work with one of the band members – too cool!

  25. I want to be a real estate agent I'm close to a license as well I want to do this. So 6 hours on this fuck Idk what the fuck I don't want to be average on both plus the school jeezzz Lewis

  26. Dear Alex,

    You have to choose one… Either 1. Dark Undertones and Disturbing Humor 2. Game Play Walk Through or 3. Helpful money making videos or 4. Insult us into Success….. I can handle all that crap combined… but warning, the average person can't.

  27. I recently created a Shopify training series for those interested in learning more. I''m continuously uploading so there will be fresh content every week 🙂

  28. have you ever thought sbout why the gaming industry sucks?

  29. Damn.. this really motivates me. Especially as a musician, I used to practice saxophone 8 hours a day and I ripped jazz in college.. I was stupid and gave up on that dream. Gonna go beast on this shit


  31. Bro, what a fucking video!! I love it!! I wish I could talk to you bro, forreal. You just hit home for me, you explained my story, and I got an idea.. Add me on facebook all shopify'ers and fucking entrepreneurs.

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  33. Alex is the best.

    Some serious value every damn time

  34. Too much commanding and telling everyone just to do it.. How about you give us a look at how you do it and what goes on in your mind as you do it. Oh wait we gotta pay for it while you capitalize on views on you saying just do it. God damn

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