Fire Tips: Testing Shopify Products | FB Ads

Fire Tips: Testing Shopify Products | FB Ads


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Nothing comes easy, the beginning is always the tough part. I just pray that none of you give up. I gaurentee, you can ask any of the people you look up to that does shopify, ask them!. It didn’t happen over night. Each and every one of us have a store behind our success. Please! I urge you, Reach out. Invest. Search online. Until something clicks! You Can Do it! Just don’t give up!

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  1. I kinda messed up with the ending of this video, my editing sucks! lol but who cares, I hope you all get some value from this! BLESS UP!

  2. keys.. i like you kind of informative but your vids need better lighting for sure..

  3. And how do I know if my store page is good or not?

  4. hey Chris, question here. How long should I test one product? Or how do I know I should stop my testing? how do I know the product is not good?

  5. How many products do you normally test before you find a winner?

  6. Just ordered your coaching I can't wait to start working with you

  7. Are u still doing coaching. I'm willing to pay

  8. You're actually the real plug with Shopify knowledge, I've paid mad money for courses that don't mention half the things you do. Bless up dude and keep up the hard work!

  9. Hey bro I’m seriously struggling. My family is in a difficult spot right now, so I’ve been trying to give dropshipping a shot over the last few months. I haven’t had any luck and I’m stressing pretty bad right now.

    I’ve been on instagram and was able to bring a few hundred people to my website, but didn’t see any sales. All the Instagram pages I advertised on were between 14k – 60k so I thought I just needed more traffic. I ended up approaching a page with 400,000 followers thinking it could help, but I ended up getting scammed out of $100. It hurts pretty bad because every dime counts for my family right now. I’ve tried slowing things down so I can focus on tweaking stuff, listening and learning instead of wasting more money, but now I’m stuck. I’ve gotten to the point where YouTube vids aren’t helping as much. I’ve moved to Facebook advertising hoping it would be more targeted and cost effective, but I haven’t seen any results yet. I’ve spent about $50 so far.

    Could you tell me how much the consultation calls are? I know I could find success if I could have someone point me in the right direction.

  10. Man the amount of knowledge in this video bein dropped crazy!!

  11. Hey Chriz…2nd to comment,actually i was looking for your video to comment first😂😂😂

  12. the first one to like bro happy holidayz!:)

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