[Free Course 16/21] Instagram Dropshipping: PRODUCT RESEARCH #3 Shopify Exchange Trending Stores!

[Free Course 16/21] Instagram Dropshipping: PRODUCT RESEARCH #3 Shopify Exchange Trending Stores!


My friend Colin and I jumped on a call one day. We were discussing about what we should do with the $497 Instagram dropshipping course that we filmed together. We came to the solution that we should just provide value first and just give the WHOLE course away for FREE!

Day 16: Finding a winning product is very important. This is the last of the 3 product research method we will be teaching you 🙂

Colin’s Instagram: @colin_ngai

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  1. is he grabbing that link off a pdf we can get somewhere?

    Im not sure but I believe I recall it being mentioned in a previous video…

    if anybody knows could you please link it here?

  2. Really Help video dear 😊👍👍 thank you

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