Goodwin – Shopify Theme

Goodwin – Shopify Theme


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Project is made by bigsteps

* Images from the demo are not included in the theme files.
December 26, version 1.2 – added global auto height for product images for pretty view product previews, product page
– added global option product name uppercase/lowercase
– added auto height for newsletter popup image (removed empty space)
– removed visible part of loader in the checkout modal popup
– added color tooltips for color images in the product previews
– added ‘select options’ button instead of the advanced select box on the product previews if the product has more than 20 variants
– added option enable/disable vendors in the product preview
– added products promotion block
– added advanced options for topline control (home page, all pages, bg image change)
– disabling color images in the product previews with if variants have no images
– removed delay on the collection page if the sidebar is absent
– fixed footer in the t-shirts pre-set
– fixed collection 3/4 products per row on desktop, and 1/2 products per row on mobile
– fixed payments in the footer December 13, version 1.1 – fixed header/footer logo
– removed space on the product previews if products reviews app is not installed
– slides text/effects in the theme fully like in the demo now
– added two line supporting in the header navigation
– added option enable/disable Dynamic checkout button on the product page
– added option enable/disable Vendor on the product page
– added option enable/disable Shipping calculation on the cart page
– added option enable/disable “you save $X” on the product previews
– added option enable/disable section Our partners on About Us page
– minor issue on the t-shirts skin
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