Here’s Why You Have NO SALES – Affiliate Marketing, Shopify, Amazon FBA

Here’s Why You Have NO SALES – Affiliate Marketing, Shopify, Amazon FBA


In this video, I share 5 reasons why you are probably struggling to get sales with your online business. These tips apply to affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, and Shopify Dropshipping since SALES is simply a universal skill at the end of the day.

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic business opportunity for people who want to learn how to make money online in 2018 through passive income. I strongly believe that affiliate marketing is the BEST online business to start for anyone, due to minimal to no investment and unlimited upside and earning potential.



  1. Today is my first day where I have published my website affiliate store of cameras could anyone tell me what else to do . I also hv a YT channel but I am only 16 don't have that much money to review the cameras or something

  2. Im gonna find an awesome niche and select which one the best to use with the idea of generating organic traffic + influencers promotion. Then i will master autoresponder for more chances of being sold
    Instagram: @hurlaxe

  3. Great and thanks for valuable lessons..

  4. I don't know if you will see this message, because it's been a while since you posted this video. But ODi, I want to say that, with this video, to say THANK YOU SO MUCH because this video gave me the answers at some questions that were pushing me a long time, about affiliate marketing. I think I know what I must to do it now, and how to succeed with my businees. I want to buy your course, but in this moment I do not have the necessary possibilities. You are the first person from which I could learn a lot of things. Keep going! You have all my respect and support. Peace ! 🙂

  5. This was a dope video,I so needed this bc my store was hasn't been getting and sales.I would just get ppl clicking,but thats it.This video was very helpful!

  6. ODi I want to learn how to build
    my Brand in affiliate marking
    and achieve the freedom of
    the American dream.

  7. This is an awesome video ODi! Nice work! SO much great content in here that is geared towards being a better at selling products and making money. Who else thought this was a great video?! What was the best thing you liked?!

  8. Great video Odi, I’m Going to try and improve traffic towards my website and get more clicks. IG username – scott_towle

  9. bro what is the need for paid traffic in affiliatemarketing for amazon..?
    i dont get that ..!
    you said that it is more of a branding type of work
    i have seen paid traffic options in dropshipping and fba
    pls clear my doubt.

  10. Hey thanks for making this, very informative. To improve sales I'm going to produce more content, make more video style blogs to increase branding and personal connection, and eventually learn more about conversion, writing copy, facebook ads, etc. Still just starting out but I'm 23 and excited! 🙂 IG: @piratescsg (

  11. Right. Always build your brand.

  12. How did you contact MJ Demarco? Did you know him?

  13. This video helped me so much! Thank you bro!👌🏻❤

  14. Your the man! I’m a newbie and want to learn more about Affiliate marketing. Your 101 free course will be a good start for me to learn:)👍

  15. I'm just a beginner, thanks to you. I started working as an affiliate after watching your video's, right now I've just started by promoting the product on youtube.

  16. Biggest tip I can give any affiliate be sure to always offer your followers coupons !! I currently use j list and affiliate links with 5 percent off coupon gets me sales daily

  17. I've been watching you for a week now.. awesome videos! If i win i would use it to help me get started to build a landing page. I joined your webinar… loved it. took your free course 101! People go check it out! Well worth your time!! Thx for so much logical information. I'm taking your advice. Study study Study! I hope to be a student soon! (My Goals) Thx for your generosity!! @emma.cabello.garcia

  18. So I have a quick question for Odi and anyone wanting to help; Should I put as many hyperlinks as possible?
    Also Odi I went through GoDaddy before I found you on YouTube… feel it was a mistake.

  19. I wanted some direction on why i am not getting sales at the moment.

  20. Some are switch hitters LOL

  21. Hi odi, step one and step 3 i already did that the first time i saw a video off you, so im just gonna do step 2.
    First i wanna thank you for making these videos, u are a big example for me to see that u can really 'make it' with earning money online.
    How i am gonna get more sales is im going to educate myself by reading books, watching videos, and doing some courses.
    Starting my own website, getting more followers on instagram so that my clients can get a better personal view of who i am.
    i hope that i will get allot more views while i keep on watching your videos.

    Ig: Dapo_zuid

  22. Can you follow your blueprint if your 17 years old?

  23. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Extremely helpful information! 📈📈📈

  24. Thank you for continuing to make these videos to help others. Best of luck in your passion for Hip Hop music and all 🙂

  25. Odi, I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate your content. It's taken me months to find a good Youtube channel with legit information and someone who I can really understand, I am going to be hitting the books after watching this. I have a book on Lead Generation. Will begin reading it where I left off last month. Oh well time to get back, Thanks to you!
    Instagram @traveling_today

  26. P.s caught the ad towards the end of the video and want to start right now! I've changed my college major two times from accounting to journalism, to make a long story short I'm so excited about starting being these things in a sense go hand in hand. Hope to hear from you soon.

  27. Hey man, I appreciate the way you broke everything down! I am so interested bro and want to learn how to get started. I'm in a transition in life where I need this and it all adds up and makes the most sense. Just by the way you made everything comprehensible it made me feel it is possible! I'm excited in this new generation of technology, and would appreciate info on how to get started in the most humble way. My name is Michael Houston and email is

  28. Whatever happen to sam’s makeup review?

  29. Man, you have to go bigger! You are a beast, try to make presencial courses or make events so people can meet you, Odi, I'm not even kidding, you know, everytime I watch YouTube Im thinking that I'm wasting my valuable time. But with you It's totally worth it. You are the best in this field, definitely. If you are interested in events or conferences contact with me someway ^^ Greetings from Spain! Believe me! You will grow a lot! You deserve 1 million subs!!!! Wth is going on in YouTube?

  30. Love the movement and content brother! The way I have been amping up my sales is giving my affiliate marketing clients almost immediate results and being real hands on…it's great leverage when your starting off small and sepeerates you from bigger brands while providing more value. Big accounts can't match you!!. It's been a win win! Keep it up fam!


  32. HI odi i really love your videos and i have followed you for a while now, so i know you are very transparent .However,i would love for you to show your earnings from pure affiliate from eg Amazon itself rather than the paypal you usually show."JUST ASKING "Keep up the work.

  33. And if you can do a video on that I will be so glad

  34. How can I get more clients as a service provider? Am a nail technician @sharpfingers that's my iG title

  35. Another awesome helpful video ODi !

  36. What’s up Odi. To make sales in my business I am actually taking a step back and reevaluating my entire process. I am aiming at providing so much value my viewer has no choice but to buy what I’m selling lol. I’ve invested in books like cashvertising so that I can better understand the psychology that goes into the art of selling. Man I’m feeling confident more than ever. Looking forward to my results in the future. Stay blessed. Ig: phill.patterson🔋✌🏾

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