How Do I Fill E-Commerce Orders? A Step-by-Step Guide!

How Do I Fill E-Commerce Orders? A Step-by-Step Guide!


I go through my process of filling orders for my online business. I cover everything from how I take care of customer service, wrong addresses, packing slips, inventory and most importantly my sanity (no one has time to wait in line at the post office every day!). ▼MORE INFO BELOW▼



My personal background is in shipping items I sell on my Etsy shop, Shopify website and wholesale. I sell my handmade goods out of my own home, but this can easily be translated to accommodate a workshop or warehouse. Here are my tips and tricks for painless order fulfillment and happy customers.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to comment below! I will try to get back to you ASAP to the best of my ability.

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  1. I am sure by now you have discovered that shipping labels are free through USPS!

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  3. Hi Olivia
    Thank you for the information but I would like to know where do you buy the pinky plastic envelopes?

  4. THANK YOU for sharing! This is wonderful and so helpful

  5. Well the post office has free pickup so call ahead and it's done

  6. My number is 9172927288 can you please call me i would like to ask you a few question thank you, love your video,

  7. lol yea i tend forget to check how many of the same item they bought 2 and also same as u max A , max H max t . lol when i get past the frist 100 order my mind blanks out and and thats when i normally do this

  8. Hey Olivia! Thanks for this video. Do you ship most of your stuff priority or first class? I saw that your shipping prices are as low as $3 so I was wondering how you managed that since priority mail is generally at least $6? Thank you so much

  9. I'm not organized at all should I just get a fulfillment service?

  10. This was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge 🙂

  11. So I have a question for you:
    Do you recommend going through this process every time an order comes through or would you rather suggest we lump a few days worth of orders together?

    Thank you so much!

  12. Awesome info thank you!

  13. How much does it cost to use ship station. Are all shipping label free. To print after you pay for the subscription?

  14. Can you check out my store ?

  15. Olivia, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ur practices of thnk u notes, printing details ie…2 different printers & organizing totes.

  16. I'm confused how ship station helps if your dropshipping? If you never see the product and if they never see the product what is the point of the custom labels lol?

  17. Would you suggest getting set up like this with labels, printers, boxes, business cards, etc. before even listing your first product on Etsy? I ask because I feel like I'm delaying actually listing my products because I feel like I'm not ready to ship if I get an order.

  18. Tha k you for all the in depth info!! Super helpful! I'm a visual learner. So thank you ao much for your videos! ❤🙌

  19. Big help. . for me the part about watching the names, i.e. Jessica A and Jessica Z… you just saved one subscriber of of a headache or two something I wouldn't thought of till I get a complaint ..

  20. When do you actually MAKE the items?

  21. Love the video just a quick question, im just starting off finally and what best for doing wholesale orders,should I have it shipped to me then I'll send it out or on my website ship it from there?

  22. How do you print or label the price?

  23. Passion is KEY to a fulfilled view in a video. Please don't take it as negative input….. YOU have EXCELLENT info to add, however you are prolonging speech and you are lacking GREAT enthusiasm in your videos. Your titles and SEO are excellent but please take this as POSITIVE input to add to your channel to improve a fulfilled view and results will provide on the back-end side!!!

  24. you should talk a bit more enthusiastic

  25. Hey Olivia, when exactly do you pay for the shipments. Do you pay ship station for the cost of the shipments. Or this is done at the post office.
    Thank you

  26. Where can I buy those white post office packages or boxes and the plastics???? HELP PLZ

  27. Pardon me for asking. Would it be more time-efficient to take like 5 or 7 packing slips and fold them in half all at once, then just separate them after? I mean, if you have 40 packing slips to fold, you only need to fold 8 times.

  28. So helpful! Thank you!!!

  29. Hi Olivia, my question is i want to offer free shipping. How would i incorporate the cost of shipping in the purchase?

  30. You having an extremely monotone whispery voice. I feel like I'm getting read a bedtime story lol i could listen to you to fall asleep but it is making it difficult to pay attention to this information. Thx for making the video tho.

  31. Do you still feel the same way about content on google now that we have Facebook ads and Instagram

  32. I still tape my labels…great suggestion about the labels! Thank you for sharing your process!

  33. So with shipstation you can just print out the label and put it in a mailbox or you still have to bring the item to the post office

  34. Have you looked into the dymo 4xl ? It’s the best investment I’ve made ! Saved me so much time on shipping labels

  35. I'm so happy I found your videos! I JUST set up shop on etsy and I've gotten a ton of handy tips from you. Thank you so much <3

  36. You are so beautiful..I love your brows! Lol Very helpful tutorial…Thank you!

  37. I came here to find about about e-commerce fulfillment but I becamce lovestruck by your beauty I didnt pay attention to what you were saying. Now i have to watch it again without getting distracted.

  38. Your business tips and vlogs is what made me subscribe. I love hearing/seeing tips and tricks from other small business owners as well as their shared experiences. Not only do I learn something new I end up implementing some of the suggestions. Thanks for sharing Olivia.

  39. Having a printer specific to shipping, make total sense to me!

  40. thx for the ShipStation tip

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