How Do I Fulfill My Oberlo Order On Shopify

How Do I Fulfill My Oberlo Order On Shopify


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  1. hi Are u in need of VA>?

  2. So if you have 2,000 orders, you have to do this 2,000 times?

  3. am so grateful to ethicalaid com for helping me with a hacked transfer of 10,000

  4. Just wondering did your credit card company ever lock your account because of fraud protection? Since you are buying things to other people's addresses, it looks like your credit card was stolen.

  5. so do i put my personal card in the payment method

  6. So wait, does it do that macro thing on all suppliers, or just aliexpress? Because, if so, that’s a very small amount of hassle saved for the $30/mo. I was under the impression that it would literally fulfill everything for me.

  7. ii love this video its so simple . I'm a freelancer that's need an order fulfillment tutorial and your video helps me a lot. thank you

  8. on step 3 you didnt even explain do we have to put are own payent info or the customer info

  9. this was a good video till the music started and the gun BS …i don't get the association between Oberlo and Guns

  10. Wow, Thank you so much! You are very good in your explanation of it. I just subscribed!!! 😁👍

  11. the customers credit card details did not automatically carry over on the checkout it was left blank and we can't proceed to order

  12. Do I have to have a aliexpress account

  13. CJ drop shipping can support service for drop shipping

  14. Is the maker of video still on here?

  15. I’m having a issue on my oberlo app and AliExpress. The tracking number is available with multiple orders on AliExpress but when I try to sync the page it says “order could not be fulfilled” should I mark it as shipped and enter the tracking number myself or what?

  16. Grete Video man!! thanks

  17. Why aren't you using epacket? It's much faster that standard shipping.

  18. You don’t put the customers email in ali-Express correct? Thank you

  19. So when they purchase an item from your store, does the $ transfer into your acct so you can buy it from the supplier and have it shipped to them. Or do you have to use your own money for the product being shipped and after it’s received you get the buyers $? If anyone can hslp clear this out I’d appreciate it

  20. Hopefully you gusy are reading this but
    When i click on the oder product, it goes through aliexpress and its says me to log in. As i log in its says "your account is temporarily unavailable"
    Ive created different accounts and its still them same
    If you whats up with this please reply back

  21. Got my first order today so pumped!

  22. With the oberlo we dont need to setup shopping shipping or shipping zone etc… ? everything is managed automatically in oberlo app ? right ?

  23. how do you get tracking number?

  24. How to avoid receipts in dropshipping

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