I wanted to tell you guys how I passed my coding interviews and how I got hired at Shopify, the best company to work for in Canada.

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  1. First hackathon was Tech Retreat (University of Waterloo) if anyone was wondering.

  2. editing is your friend

  3. I thought i was spotify not shopify

  4. How did you learn Computer Science?

  5. Your videos helps to manage time. Slowly slowly I'm changing the way of my life that i was living before. *******Thank u

  6. how did you learn to code

  7. 1:38 look… my dream… namjoon

  8. Hey bro I'm a 11 th standard student what should I do to be at harvard I'm learning python in my school
    I'm from India
    Can you please give me any suggestions

  9. did anyone else get a shopify ad in the beginning?

  10. Personal opinion the time lapses are pretty long.

  11. These are good, but way to similar to Casey Neistat.

    Try something different.

  12. Welcome to the Shopifolk family πŸ™‚

  13. Bro suddenly you almost have 100k subs!

  14. got an ad abiut a man criticising shopify lol

  15. Congratulations, they are indeed great people πŸ™‚

  16. How do I get hired at Shopify ? By listening a lot of Spotify

  17. You actually have a good looking butt

  18. what languages do you currently know? – any that you are planning on learning?

  19. So what kind of software development do you do?

  20. Why would he waste such talent at a job , create ur own

  21. Hey dude nice to work with ur vlog.. Hey John I need to ur help you in the setting up shopify in Bangalore for the my dropshipping venture.

  22. How old were you when you 1st started programming and can you make a video about your journey?

  23. Hi! I think it would be pretty interesting if you made a video on time management because you seem to be pretty good at managing your busy life πŸ™‚ I really like your videos!

  24. Your crazy inspirational life has sparked my existential crisis but I love the vibe! Looking forward to see more cool content πŸ˜€ Also, Maddie and you are beautiful

  25. Dude your a brainiac, well done.

  26. Hi John, Awesome video. I am a Waterloo graduate and Ivey MBA, currently looking forward to join the social team in Shopify. Hope we can connect to learn more about the work in Shopify.

  27. I love how you just totally glanced over the cool stuff you're doing near the end

  28. Just casually namedropping the US Consulate General dinner there… what did you get invited to that for?

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