How I made $1,000 with $30 Facebook ad

How I made $1,000 with $30 Facebook ad


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This is Not Financial Advise I’m only giving my personal opinion. Please do your own research and invest at your own risk. Remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose.


  1. Are you testing with a single interest per adset? Or are you testing by stacking multiple interests per adset?

  2. How do you structure your cold ads?

  3. Dont forget that to create a LAA you have to spend a few hundred dollars FIRST, if you generate 100 purchases and if you are lucky and found a winning product. Fake tittle GOSH!. So how much you spend before those $30? !!

    If you staying behind the mask, at least be real and say to people what they need REALLY NEED TO KNOW TO HAVE BEFORE to start in this bs business first.
    PLus if you made 1k$ you need a credit card with at least $400 of credit to buy products on ali.. a pain in the ass LOL

  4. Amazing video as always bud, btw what do you think about products that you could find on dropship spy ecomhunt etc, can i start using them and start marketing thank you!

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