How I Made One Product A 7 Figure Winner – Shopify Dropshipping

How I Made One Product A 7 Figure Winner – Shopify Dropshipping


Shopify Dropshipping – How I Made One Product A 7 Figure Winner

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This video is about how one product dropshipping on shopify 2019 made me $2,010,886. I go over 6 reasons why I was able to make money with shopify 2019. While I wasn’t using a one product shopify store like the master of shopify dropshipping gabriel st germain does, I was one product dropshipping on shopify. One product dropshipping is definitely the way to go for shopify, and I’m confident this video with help you all make money with shopify 2019. If you want to learn more about one product shopify store, one product dropshipping, or just shopify in general, then you should check out my other shopify 2019 videos. I have plenty of shopify 2019 tips on my channel, including videos that go over a one product dropshipping store 2019, shopify 2019 tutorial, and much more. Other topics in this video include shopify success story 2019, one product dropshipping store 2019, shopify drop shipping one product, and shopify one product dropshipping.

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  1. Hi do you have a one 1 one coaching

  2. Did you break even on day 1 testing this product (wc for pur) ? Do you even bother with trying to scale products that don't break even on day 1?

  3. Max hi, how long does it take your payment processor to release funds after purchase?

  4. so the product is a roller paint thing for painting walls lol

  5. he got lucky with one product, most products go to 200-300k and are considered winners.

  6. wHAT do you mean for each ad account have different payments cards? How I can have many cards? The same I think has to do with Paypal? For each shopify store thta is connected with Paypal must have different card each time right?

  7. PayPal Auto tracking isn't up anymore, any alternatives?

  8. Hello Max, what would you say is your criteria for a wining adset? when you say you had 8 winning adsets, out of 800 , in the past 6 months, what did you use as a gauge to determine what your best winning adsets were? Was it a certain number of sales in a certain defined time period, ROAS? Would really help us out if You could shed some light on this. Thank you Max!

  9. where to get that paypal tracking on auto pilot?

  10. Could you please.. Share with us… Your customer feedback template that you send through email..

  11. Hey Guys! Could you please give me an honest shop review?
    I'm just getting started, it's my first shop! Thanks in advance!

  12. for now do you edit the placement? Or just put automatic? Because now Facebook the algorithm changes

  13. Hi Max, nice video. Where can I add the dispute message for customers? From my Paypal account?? Very good "trick"!

  14. Fuhhh Max Facebook got you but you milked the fuq out of them, we live and we learn. Still that scaling was extraaaa lit, good stuff brotha

  15. Hey Max, I can't find the Paypal tracking auto pilot App. Is it removed?

  16. Hi Max! Recently aliexpress changed the look of their site and many features that were available before like seeing who's ordering the products and from which country aren't available anymore, there's a way to bring the previews look of the site?

  17. Same shit with fb probably happened to me, but they banned my 2 whole business accounts but i haven even run any ads the last week. Still trying to figure things out…

  18. thanx man. wow, fscebook is so shady lol. paypal too, huh! is stripe the only alternative to paypal? can u run a business online without paypal at all?

  19. It would be great if you shared the qualities that made those 8 creatives winners verses the 800 other ads you tested.

  20. Did you ever use Ecomvids for testing new creatives, if so, how did it compare to hiring a model off fiverr to shoot content.

  21. Crazy value!
    Just wondering, did you ever do white labeling?

    We're you using mass fufillment?

  22. do you reveal the product and website in the course?

  23. Bro MAX50 isnt working for me. Is that coupon code done?

  24. do you have mentorship on one month ?

  25. Are you revealing the product and ads in the course? I'd buy if yes.

  26. How did you add that PayPal message so people can message you instead?☺️

  27. I failed since 1 year now i didnt make any money from this business im brok now 😭

  28. Hey Max why you not moving to local bank processor instead of PP/Stripe

  29. How do you collect enough data to reliably test so many creatives without spending a fortune? I tried using PPE for that but the result don't seem consistent with what I'm seeing when switching them over to WC Pur

  30. Hey Max you had this issue before?: Created an ad in about 10 sec., just changed thumb pic. Then facebook blocked me. Thought I am a bot. Recaptcha, picture upload, phone verification. Still blocked…🤣sh….

  31. For anyone on the fence about his course, get it. I’ve been through plenty of ecom courses and most of them are just longer more drawn out versions of the people’s YouTube vids. In Max’s he gives so many golden nuggets you truly will never have known. Would recommend

  32. Reveal the product and store in the course and I will 100% buy it!! Please im so curious!

  33. I don't have enough free money 4 now, but I am gonna buy your course later. Thnx for the content of your channel

  34. You mentioned in this video you bought the product you sold in your store from Amazon and sent it to the models to make you a video. So this product must have been selling for awhile and you just remarketed it and it took off for you.

  35. doesn't stripe hold your money even if you don't have any disputes

  36. Since you're moving on from the product, would you consider adding it in a case study to the course? That's the only thing stopping me from buying the course

  37. Hi Max , this is great value indeed thanks alot,, are you revealing this product and a case study in the course 🙂

  38. I find a winning creative generation me 75-100k. Relevancy is 10. You had 8 that made 2 mil. I am assuming the industry was very large?

  39. So would you be revealing the product?

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