How Many Products Do You Need To Test? – Shopify Dropshipping

How Many Products Do You Need To Test? – Shopify Dropshipping


How Many Products Do You Need To Test? – Shopify Dropshipping

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  1. Idk I'd rather have 1 quality video ad than 5 subpar ads that stretch my niche's capacity. How many hours do you spend doing this? I only have a couple hours each morning before I head to work.

  2. Will you help me
    will you borrowed me some cash !! I'm dropshiping from Nepal need a help I will give you back when I start earning

  3. How on earth do you test 5 products per day? It takes approx 1 hour to search, 1 hour import + product desc + 30 mins SEO for meta desc and images (keyword research), 2 hours making the video (including finding good video material and pictures), 30 minutes targeting, 30 minutes ad copy… Not to mention the time facebook fucks you over by not starting to spend money on your ads because 1 myabe your ad video was too long for sertain feeds. 2. thumbnail had too many texts… etc and many other hassles.

    Just saying 5 products is pretty much impossible without outsource if you don't want to half ass them. It would greatly help if you could tell me how do you go about these things and how much time does it usually take you. And maybe give some tips if you have any? Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Andy in another video you say to leave the ads for 5 days. And aim for 3/5 days for a winner. If I’m testing 5 a day does that mean I’m waiting for 5 days on all the products?

  5. Andy, can advice how many hours of video in your course? For Facebook scaling, you do not provide any video only answer student questions in private mastermind group chat?

  6. hey andy, i have no problem getting 5 products out daily but my question has to do with my main testing campaign. how do you make sure each day those new products get tested. if i have many other products in the campaign, google likes to send all your traffic to only a specific section of products each day. so i could put up new products daily but they might never get tested due to other products hogging the ad budget. how do i make sure new things are getting tested and how much should be spent on each product before pulling that product from the feed?

  7. But how many add setts per a product? Say we did 10 add sets per a product and we are going with 5 products a day at 5 dollers an adset thats like $250 a day. Ill burn through my budget in a few weeks.

  8. Hi I didn't receive the webinar link

  9. Hi I'm a new subscriber and I had been struggling so much in doing business, wish that you can reply

  10. I like the movie scenes, but would like them more in the corner while the video goes on – without a pause.

    How do can you test 5 products a day?
    Importing is fast okay, but creating a description (even with a template) and creating a video ad and ad copy and targeting etc.

    This takes so much time, of course I could outsource all stepts but as a beginner I think you do not have that much money.

    I could test every product with less quality and just a slideshow and not the best ad copy but then maybe a potential winner wont show up as a winner because of not giving the best.


  11. Hi Andy,
    I would like to thank u for ur help and support… I just wanna know if there is any chance to buy the item that my customer purchased on my store… but using his money on paypal ? So my question to be clear how many days should I wait for the money to be unhold on my account ? Knowing that I have my paypal account since I started buying on ebay……

    I need u to share a video on this topic because there's no one talks about it…

    Thank u from Morocco!

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