How much PROFIT My Shopify Drop Shipping Stores Actually Make (Breaking down Todays Numbers)

How much PROFIT My Shopify Drop Shipping Stores Actually Make (Breaking down Todays Numbers)


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In todays video I actually jump inside one of my shopify stores and break down the ACTUAL PROFIT I am making with shopify drop shipping. Most youtubers won’t show you this. Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity.


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  2. $755 split between how many people?

  3. Very Motivationnal 🙂 Do u recommend to target Worldwide even if I use only Paypal for method payment ( because this is the only available method in my country right now ) ??

  4. Hey man, what reports app is that? With all your stats?

  5. Hey what is the website you use to calculate your profit

  6. Hey James quick question you aren't faking your results are you because I'm doing shopify but it just feels like I'm not getting anywhere I just hope you answer so I know I can stick with shopify

  7. Yo James, So I should test higher profit margin products? And What do you mean 3x the cost of goods or something like that


  9. Great video. But it's so annoying when ecom YouTubers use scarcity on their subscribers, which you do realize are marketers aswell, to sell your courses. I personally would feel more likely to join if you didn't mentioned that. It's just pushy

  10. What's the software you use to track the profit there?

  11. What is the dashboard he goes into around the 8 minute mark

  12. What websites did you use?

  13. This guy has never showed one of his stores where he makes " 1million" a month or let alone 100k. Seems kind of shady now

  14. great vid, I have such a hard time with getting accurate numbers through order metrics though, cause my fb metrics are already kind of thrown off as it is lol

  15. Wjy were you getting banned?

  16. Hey man do you dropship to America or to the UK?

  17. Going to be getting into ecom domination soon enough. seems like a good course

  18. James Can you maybe help me? I dont have much budget to spend and how do i know i make sales, i watched your 1-7 day challange but i dont know if i can get sales in 7 days. My budget is around 170$ equal to 130 pounds

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