How Much Should You Pay Influencers (Shopify Dropshipping)

How Much Should You Pay Influencers (Shopify Dropshipping)


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In this video we talk about how much you should be paying Instagram Influencers for shoutouts to drive traffic/sales to your Shopify Store…

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  1. There is no way in heal you can get a post+link+story in a 200k page for less than $50

  2. This is gold, it's really awesome that you're giving away this advice for free.

  3. This is gold. Great video!

  4. Are these numbers still relevant in 2019 or double?

  5. Yow I just asked an influencer and it's $300 and up and they have 121k followers.

  6. Gracias Hayden. See you on the next one 📝🤓

  7. Thanks for saving me time and money brother !!

  8. $100 for permanent post on 300k page with 4.2% engagement.
    Should I take it?

  9. In France we can easily pay €800 for someone with 300K!

    Do you advise to work with pages or people who are famous?

  10. Is 18% a good engagement rate, that is my % for my personal Instagram

  11. Bro you're page won't open! Can you put a direct link or something else?

  12. If its a 5$ would you negotiate it for free?

  13. No lie many celebrities are using I G R O C K E T D O T C O M all real save followers likes active.

  14. I tried to go to, and its down. Do you use another site?

  15. Are the prices mentioned per day?

  16. Amazing video Hayden! I usually connect with micro influencers on the phlanx collaboration portal. They also have an influencer auditor that gives you a detailed report on how the accounts is doing.

  17. You can find 500k Pages with 6% engagement for like 15$ for 12 hours

  18. What is the differenc between theese things? Regular pist, story post, link in bio? Can you please explain?

  19. how about fitness influencers my guy ? this fitness people charge crazy amounts. the best price i have found for an account is 300 for a post where i send her the product and she uses it in a video

  20. Great video but aren't the rates too cheap for a person who has that much followers?

  21. The street wear niche is lowkey expensive straight up. Contacted 3 pages each of those boof ass mf charging $50 for a feature, they were all around 50k!

  22. Nice video! In my case, if its a instagram page with 10K to 100K followers, I usually pay $5 to $25. Either way, I always ask the owner to make an offer first, so that I can have an upper hand on the negotiation.

  23. Is this real? All influencers I ask, they charge $1000 per post. Am I crazy???

  24. Im still curious about what the pay is for? is this pay a one time thing?

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