How NOT To Test Products On Shopify for Dropshipping in 2018

How NOT To Test Products On Shopify for Dropshipping in 2018


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Generating over $3.2 Million strictly from dropshipping using Shopify, Clickfunnels and Facebook Ads I’ve learnt quite a few tips and tricks.

Everyone talks about “How to test products on Shopify” but they’re missing a crucial point I’d like to discuss today.

More importantly than knowing how to test products on Shopify for dropshipping in 2018, you should know HOW NOT TO TEST PRODUCTS on Shopify.

Avoid wasting time, money and effort by following this simple but efficient strategy that has helped me generate Millions of dollars without losing my pants!

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  1. I know that is the most general questions, but just want your opinion. Since you are all about testing products in the first phase. Niche or General?

  2. Haim this video is great!

    PPE Ads with a lot of engagement does really mean nothing!

    Nice to hear it from you.

    my question to testing: I need to test as fast as I can. But I always need to create a product video (or a freelancer does and that´s not cheap)

    How can I be faster? Is a picture enough? I don´t think so.

    And: When do you stop testing? 3 days?
    What if you got a great product and a great Ad but the Copy is shit so you don´t get sales and skip to the next product.

    Maybe it would be a winner if one of these 3 things would match. What if you miss a winner because of a bad ad or sth like this?

  3. Trackify or Custom Conversions?

    Or all in one 😮

  4. Thanks for this homie! Keep em coming

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