How Student Went From $0-$1.5 Million Shopify Dropshipping – UNDER 6 MONTHS!

How Student Went From $0-$1.5 Million Shopify Dropshipping – UNDER 6 MONTHS!


How Student Went From $0-$1.5 Million Shopify Dropshipping – UNDER 6 MONTHS!

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  1. Too much lads. Coming pretty straight from where you were a year or so ago bro, hoping to get a good foundation and reinvest in your course to grow the knowledge even more! Shot from NZ πŸ€™πŸ½

  2. Does this guy have Instagram?

  3. Andy,I am a beginner on this dropshipping thing.I dont have shopify store yet.You think it is still ok for me to take your course even if I am a beginner?

  4. This is the video I watch every day to stay motivated, Thanks so much for that!

  5. Andy! great vid bro, fellow aussie here, Have u ever had winners just from a simple video like people using the product pictures in a slideshow etc. Struggling to get my mindset around a video like that being successful..

  6. Fake. Does not look million Aire

  7. What's the best way to find a mentor? Go to events and pay people ?

  8. Good Video!!!πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ½your Student is really symphatic

    A question, do you use trackify or do you just use custom conversions for different niches in one store?

    Greetings from Frankfurt!

  9. Hey Andy can you mentor me please

  10. did you teach him facebook ads or google ads?

  11. Awesome achievement! I've been reading Grant Cardone for a while, that guy fires you up….

  12. Thankyou for the interview Andy! Hope your Subscribers got some great value & now go out & crush it πŸ”₯

  13. I wanted to like him but damn… lot's of broscience at the sleep part and the ''alkalizing'' your body, part, which ruined credibility immediately. Obviously sleep is the most important thing, anybody with basic biology knowledge can figure it out. Also if you are training and you are not sleeping, your body literally won't grow and develop. A bunch of hormones release during different stages of REM and sleeping only 5 hours a night just won't cut it. Let alone all the studies that have been done on the subject and have shown literally an 8hour+ timeframe to be minimum. Also, alkaline diets, a bunch of BS, debunked centuries ago. He is doing marketing he should know better. In addition there are lots of other successful-top of their niche entrepreneurs that preach more sleep for example Sam Ovens, his company will hit 50 million this year (he is netting 50%) and he preaches to sleep and recover cause ''you need that!''.

  14. Good shit guys! Is this niche store? AliExpress? Are you a one-man show or do you have Automation in place and Outsourcing? How do you recommend testing a ton of product today? Do you use any softwares like AdChill to speed up the process? Appreciate the value!

  15. What budget do you recommend to have, to start with Facebook ads?

  16. Very interesting πŸ˜€

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