How to Add Shoppable Instagram to Shopify in 3 minutes (2019)

How to Add Shoppable Instagram to Shopify in 3 minutes (2019)


Convert Instagram photos into cash with the help of Elfsight Shoppable Instagram feed.
Add Shoppable Instagram feed to Shopify easy and without coding:

We’ve also prepared an installation tutorial in our blog:

Embed Shoppable gallery and get awesome benefits:
• Draw attention to Instagram photos
• Tag products and induce customers to shop your social posts
• Transform visitors into satisfied customers
• Persuade to buy here and now with New, Sale and Bestseller labels


  1. We hope this video will help you embed Shoppable Instagram Gallery to your Shopify website. If you still have questions left, ask away in the comments, and we'll be happy to answer!

  2. still? From Indonesia work?

  3. так как инстаграм то подключить? что бы в инстаграме ценники отображались

  4. Hi, Does this work with LKR Currency?

  5. its not FREE, it costs 5$ !! 🙁

  6. A little gutted its no free anymore. Just starting out so I think ide be better off spending the money on ads.

  7. Installed this and it works well, however instagram videos don't play and just show as low resolution images… are you able to fix this?

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